What are some demos parachain teams would be open to collaborating on?

Off the top of my head I know that OAK network has some integrations with other parachains their working on. Phala network has integrations with Litentry. Origin trail has very obvious killer use cases with existing parachains. Kilt too. Etc. Imo it would be great to provide learning material that showcases some of these potential use cases.

What are some ideas people have for showcasing the composability of certain parachain service offerings for Polkadot application developers? I would love to use on Seminar to demo these sort of ideas that could spark builder creativity. And then turn these into written tutorials or workshops for developers to learn with. Would this be useful ?


Dudley from KILT Protocol.

I am currently experimenting with using KILT DIDs with Phala Phat contracts.

The idea is that the contract would host the DID keys and have the capacity to encrypt and decrypt incoming messages so we can establish a secure channel between the two parties.

At the moment, we are only able to do this on a centralised server as we don’t want to expose the private keys. Therefore, I am attempting to handle this with Phat contracts.

It could be a good should case.

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Mingshi from Astar Network.

We already have the following PoCs in the pipeline:

  • Shiden dApp staking auto-compound using Turing automation via XCM: previously, Astar users could only manually claim dApp staking rewards at the end of an era and then re-stake. With our PoC, Turing automation will both automatically claim and automatically re-stake by simulating / automatically executing the claim and re-stake function button on users’ behalf via XCM.
  • Shiden NFT minting site placing metadata storage order on Crust Shadow via XCM: Crust has an IPFS-based decentralized storage network. We are building an NFT minting site that mints NFT on Shiden while pining the metadata on Crust and paying storage fees using SDN via XCM.

Besides the ones above, we have completed the SubBridge XCM PoC which enables Astar users to leverage SubBridge on Phala to bridge Ethereum assets via XCM, and are actively exploring vDOT XCM remote liquidation with Bifrost team, XCM-LCMP-based message passing with Darwinia team and etc.

We will continue to build with XCM and bootstrap the XCM use cases with ecosystem partners. Thanks!


Eliott from Nodle here, very interesting thread so far.

We’d be open to any XCM integration integrating with Smart Missions once they are available. It would be especially interesting to collaborate with other smart contracts or computing platforms to further enhance everybody’s capabilities.

Alternatively, there are lower-hanging fruit integrations such as token or NFT bridging across parachains. I’d be pretty interested in more unique integrations leveraging everybody’s platform’s specificities. For instance, can we have NFTs identifying real-world assets made in collaboration with a few other parachains?

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At the Polkadot Summit, I was moderating the Cross-Chain Smart Contract Session and jotted down a few things I think can bring value to this discussion. These are particularly interesting when considering the use cases that could emerge from tapping into other ecosystems such as Ethereum (with precompiles that interact with Phala) or Cosmos (using Composable’s XCVM - a pallet that enables sending messages between CosmWasm smart contracts and Polkadot parachains).

One of my key takeaways from the session was that we need scope out some PoCs of cross-chain use cases that can be used as reference implementations for new builders in our space. Here were things that stood out to me during the session:

  • CosmWasm smart contracts that can execute some compute on Phala network (or other parachains for that matter)
  • Precompiles that correspond to extrinsics on Polkadot (for e.g. Phala)
  • XCVM for Cosmos defi dapps that want to use Phala or Kilt or etc
  • Games: use Phat contract for game + use Kilt DIDs + NFT chain
  • Identity: mnemonic-less credentials using NFTs, or web3 names
  • Smart contract based DAO gets rewards from some parachain (e.g. NFT chain)

@hashwarlock any comments on some of these / what’s the low hanging fruit? @Jafar - what do you think is missing to see some of these ideas come to life?

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For cross-chain ink!, devs can use Phat Offchain Rollup built by @GuiGou

Next, a dev can find use cases to offload their storage to IPFS or Arweave via S3 Bucket API & use this off-chain storage Phat Contract I made here GitHub - HashWarlock/PhatStorage: Boilerplate example of Phat Contract Connected to S3 Storage

Then build dynamic ink! NFTs in similar design like below I recently made. You can also do this for EVM on astar or moonbeam very easily in JS by changing your RPC nodes in [Phat Contract starter kit].(GitHub - Phala-Network/phat-contract-starter-kit: Send data from any API to your smart contract with Javascript)