We need real-world applications, not more crypto-centric apps

We do (need more real-world applications). I’m a big fan of the Nodle products and offerings. Thanks for sharing the paper too.

I certainly don’t think we’re lacking the technology. Rather, I think we’re lacking educational material for building on top of the numerous protocols that make up our ecosystem. I really enjoyed the Examples section from the Smart Missions paper (page 19). @eliott does Nodle have any tutorials or workshops to help developers build similar POCs for educational purposes?

I think that the next big phase for driving innovation towards real-world use cases is to provide tutorials that can equip any developer coming into our ecosystem with how they would go about building on top of protocols like Nodle. But these need to have easy-to-grasp narratives, just like in your examples. And one thing that’s unique about our ecosystem is the prospects of collaborating on these types of demos (see previous post on this - maybe you have ideas to add there:) ).

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