Polkadot Ecosystem growth memecoin Report

Hey Polkadot Community!

We’ve completed the Lunar Strategy report for our marketing activities around DED. Our goal with this initiative was to bring new life into the Polkadot ecosystem, employing a memecoin strategy like other blockchains have adopted such as Solana, Base, Avalanche and countless others.

Overall, our social media, KOL and PR activities generated over 5.5 Million impressions promoting Polkadot’s premiere memecoin initiative. This initiative aligns with an increase in on-chain activity and influx of new users with Polkadot wallets.

Memecoins are a proven way to get new retail users into the ecosystem, and we’ve seen this demonstrated in Polkadot’s on-chain activity since we started our DED promotions. The number of active Polkadot wallets doubled from February to March (There has also been various other factors that have contributed), following the launch of DED.

Please feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions on the above. We look forward to continue supporting the Polkadot ecosystem.

Kind regards,

Jack Haldorsson
Lunar Strategy CMO

Link to full report: Untitled presentation


Got a compression with some successful memecoins in other ecosystem? Otherwise the number are meaningless to people without marketing background. They are just bunch numbers.


Nice and completely misleading report. It begins with the title of the thread. Should it not be called the “DED report” instead of the “memecoin report”?

Someone unfamiliar with $DED might even think this was a successful campaign looking at the presentation.

What percentage of comments in posts about $DED were positive, and how many were negative, especially after the airdrop change? How many users were blocked from the “DOT is $DED” Twitter account? How many were blocked on Telegram?

Transparency is not achieved when you obfuscate the actual impact of the campaign.

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