DED Multi Chain

Hey All,

Maybe an interesting idea for DED. Posting here since Telegram account has too many postings clogging up more serious convos. @giotto @lolmcshizz @batman @seunlanlege

Thoughts on utilizing Polkadot’s interoperability to build the deployment of meme coin drops to other chains using DED chain (not DED itself but as a launchpad for other memes). Polkadot could be the first to allow others to launch a meme coin on multiple chains at once while keeping Polkadot as the home base. We could leverage Hyperbridge for Binance, Base, Arbitrum, and Optimism, and maybe Picasso/Composable for Solana.

This could be direct marketing for Polkadot on other chains as well as marketing for Hyperbridge, etc…


Happy to collaborate & discuss this further. Highly interoperable, multi-chain tokens is the exact reason we built

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