DED Ideas Regarding Distribution

First, apologies for not joining the telegram group. I try to limit the number of online accounts for simplicity. Also, apologies if these ideas were already thrown around. Will try to keep this one short.

@giotto - I agree with Giotto on keeping the launch of DED simple and adding complexity only as needed. Given we have Treasury funding, I don’t think we need to do a presale. Further, linear distribution seems efficient/effective. Plus we have marketing.

With all of that said, I think there is a place to do something very unique here and is worth some additional complexity. Two ideas I wanted to throw out:

  1. We use Treasury funds to do a meme competition (where we disburse funds to the folks who place - a large amount). Individuals would have to pay a transaction fee to submit their meme in order to reduce spam. This would also require curation. I am not an expert in this area, so would leave the details to someone who knows how to work the governance process. We would have to be extremely careful that the curators would be fair and honest in their picks of the winners. If we could pull off in a fair manner, it would be ideal to include a minority of folks as curators who are also influencers outside of the Polkadot ecosystem (we would have to pay them for their time). The curators choose the top 10 and then a polkadot governance process kicks off where the DOT holders vote for how each of the top 10 place. This should produce significant organic marketing (given the number of memes that will likely be created and the fact that non ecosystem influencers would be curating) and highlight the strengths of our ecosystem in the process (treasury funds, governance, etc.)

  2. A small percentage of the airdrops include those memes as inscriptions (with the higher ranking memes being extremely rare) . The inscription winners could be limited to non-whale account holders who have held an account on Polkadot for a certain period of time. This way we do something for potentially non wealthy individuals who have been loyal while avoiding a dump on the overall token. Lastly, we provide the inscription to each of the creators who placed.

As with anything, probably just want to confirm with an attorney. Need to make sure we are complaint with rules regarding prize giveaways and that folks who are submitting their memes give us the right to use.

You should join the chat and make the suggestion there and see if you get support, this is a community project

Apologies, I don’t use telegram. Anyone who reads this feel free to pass along to the group (with or without attribution) if you think it is a noteworthy idea.

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This is just my personal perspective, of course, but I’ve seen marketing teams who have tried meme competitions and they’ve never really had any meaningful success. The memes have been “meh” at best and the competitions definitely never moved the needle. IMO influencer marketing is more efficient.

Plus, with memes, the larger the amount of money you’re giving away, the higher the chance that it will have been a waste of resources.