Polkadot Ecosystem growth with influencers & ambassadors

We are preparing an ambassador/influencer campaign to make sure that we can onboard new builders & users to the Polkadot ecosystem. There is a time to build & there is a time to promote, we are now entering the promoting stage in crypto.

Lunar Strategy is an ecosystem growth agency; we have been in the crypto space since 2019 and worked with 150+ ecosystems and projects.

We are taking in feedback from the community around main narratives that we would like to amplify both within the Polkadot ecosystem and to the rest of the web3 world. We are looking for your own experience so that we can combine it with our team’s expertise and create a messaging framework that can onboard more users.

Here is a link to one of our previous proposal: Polkadot Ecosystem Growth with Key Opinion Leaders | Polkassembly

Some examples of powerful narratives around Solana:

“Solana DeFi Summer”
“Solana Airdrop Season”

We welcome feedback from the full Polkadot community and want to collaborate in growing the ecosystem together.

We have engaged with various community members and value all feedback for narratives, suggested profiles & more.