Polkadot Dalmatian Mascot?

A fun thought. People love dogs. Dalmatians are dogs covered with dots. Perhaps Polkadot could benefit from a Dalmatian mascot. What do folks think?

The one downside I can see is potential association with dog meme coins, which could harm the perception of Polkadot as a serious project. Still, I think that could be a surmountable difficulty.


Hi, this is a fun idea. There are also rare polkadot zebra, likely has a genetic mutation called pseudomelanism.

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Love the idea @brad.olson.587 ! Surmountable, agreed. I can already imagine handing out Polkadot Dalmatian stuffed toys at our booths at conferences and it being a huge success. QR code for corresponding NFT, maybe? Love the idea.

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FWIW there is a Stingray called, Polkadot Stingray, (or Potamotrygon leopoldi), that could make also a good mascot :slight_smile: (see image below)





Thanks Sacha! Iā€™d love to get more traction for this, in case marketing and leadership would be similarly interested. Any ideas as to who we could add to the discussion?

Dalmatians are extremely mean, untrustworthy dogs and the splotches are like ink blots not dots. Pass! :slight_smile:

Haha agreed on this kind of promotion / marketing, but we should maybe think about something different than dog, which is mostly used for meme crypto projects! :v:

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