PolkaBot.AI - Decentralized #AI Education Hub on Polkadot

Hi Polkadot Community,

We’re thrilled to introduce “PolkaBot.AI - Decentralized AI Education Hub on Polkadot”. Polkabot.AI aims to revolutionize the way we learn and interact with content within the Polkadot ecosystem, leveraging the convergence of Internet, AI and Crypto.

PolkaBot.AI leverages the powers of Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) but does so in a way to minimize its challenges (hallucination, data ownership infringements). It is a collaborative effort of crowdsourcing knowledge about Polkadot and its parachains where knowledge miners will be receiving rewards in both DOT and NEURO for providing high quality inputs. The running of the AI-powered interfaces on the website, X profile, Discord and Telegram bots will all be free to use.

We will open a treasury proposal for moving from beta to the production V1 and this proposal includes a detailed roadmap and a clear budget plan, ensuring transparency and accountability. It is proposed by Trace Alliance, the collaborative hub of the OriginTrail community and spearheaded by individuals who were core to the success of both OriginTrail DKG and the NeuroWeb parachain.

We invite you to be a part of this innovative journey and see PolkaBot.AI move from the exciting BETA to the production V1.

Link to interface: https://polkabot.ai/
Link to X bot: https://twitter.com/PolkabotAI/
Link to proposal discussion: PolkaBot.AI - Decentralized AI education hub on Polkadot | Polkassembly
Link to the entire proposal: PolkaBot.AI - Decentralized AI education hub on Polkadot - Google Docs