Polkadot Brand Refresh

Hi everyone! Happy Friday!
Our Polkadot Brand refresh project has now started with phase 1 (discovery phase) currently underway! As part of this phase, we’re holding interviews and creating questionnaires asking a host of important questions of our respective audiences. This process is designed to identify current brand identity, personality and brand equity, plus what insights exist that we can extract and leverage in terms of the refreshed brand strategy.

We’re looking to you, our community, stakeholders and ecosystem to give us your own thoughts and feelings about the Polkadot Brand. The link below will take you to a short questionnaire where you’ll be able to add your valuable perspective and opinion on the brand as it currently stands.


We’ll be closing the questionnaire on Thursday 3rd August - so if you’d like to contribute to this stage of information gathering, please submit your entry before the end date!

Many thanks for your time and help with this important stage of the process! Have a great weekend all!

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This may seem pedantic, but in question #11 you characterize Polkadot as a business. It is more correct to characterize Polkadot as a coordinating software rather than as a business. We don’t talk about bitcoin as if bitcoin is a business.

Polkadot is a software that coordinates human action around the creation and preservation of a canonical history, aligning incentives such that every participant behaves in what they believe is their own interest. It is a machine that works itself.

Stick that on the billboard.

Here’s how you would optimise the campaign for TikTok.

Hi everyone!

Just wanted to let you know that the deadline for submission of the brand questionnaire (posted here last week) will be this evening! (Thursday 3rd August). If you still haven’t managed to submit your entry, now’s your chance! We’ve had a fantastic response so far, with over 200 submissions and counting.

I’d like to thank everybody for their time, their effort and their insights. All of which make for a richer, deeper foundational baseline of brand data to build on. Key findings will be shared here once they’ve been collated. Watch this space - Thank you!