Polkadot Digest 27 Oct 2022

Polkadot News

I will be having an interview on the topic of Polkadot governance with Christian Dirk and OAK Network this Friday at 07.30 UTC. https://twitter.com/oak_network/status/1584654491638431745

I will be giving an AMA with Snowfork today at 14.00 UTC, where we will discuss their Polkadot-Ethereum bridge. https://twitter.com/BillLaboon/status/1585188427343237120

I will be holding my first “metaverse AMA” with Momentum on Friday at 13.00 UTC. https://twitter.com/Web3foundation/status/1584469977796513792

Referendum 77, proposing to approve a Treasury Proposal to fund development of Gossamer, a Polkadot Host implementation written in Go, is passing with 96% in favor and 6 days left to vote. Polkassembly

Referendum 78, proposing to set up initial configuration for Polkadot nomination pools, is currently passing with 99% in favor with 4 days left to vote. Polkassembly

Referendum 80, seeking sufficiency for USDT on Statemint, is currently passing with 98% in favor and 16 days left to vote. Polkassembly

Referendum 81, to on-board Collectives as a common-good parachain, is passing with 99% in favor with 22 days left to vote. Polkassembly

Referendum 82, fixing Referendum 74 which failed to execute properly, opening several Statemint HRMP channels along with a new channel to Bifrost, is passing unanimously with six days left to vote. Polkassembly

Note that Referendum 82 was fast-tracked by the Technical Committee. Governance · Polkadot Wiki

Kusama News

Referendum 240, proposing to open an HRMP channel between Statemine and Picasso, is currently failing w/ 3 days left to vote. It has been noted that the proposal would not work if executed. Polkassembly

Be sure to make your opinion known on which Proposal will be voted on as a Referendum next. Polkadot/Substrate Portal

To understand how a Proposal becomes a Referendum, see Participate in Democracy · Polkadot Wiki