Polkadot Digest 28 Nov 2022

Polkadot News

Today is the first day of Sub0, the Polkadot Developers’ Conference. For details, see https://sub0.polkadot.network/

The Anti-Scam team has done quite a bit to help keep scams out of our ecosystem - see here for a rundown and how it is continuing to decentralize. https://medium.com/polkadot-network/polkadots-anti-scam-initiatives-1660ef5787b7

The latest Polkadot Community Call, covering what is happening in the Polkadot ecosystem, can be listened to here: https://twitter.com/Polkadot/status/1596825254982479873

With 14 hours left in the current parachain lease auction, Frequency has been in the lead the entire Ending Period. https://polkadot.js.org/apps/?rpc=wss%3A%2F%2Fpolkadot.api.onfinality.io%2Fpublic-ws#/parachains/auctions

The staking rate on Polkadot has continued to decrease and is now at 46.2%. https://polkadot.js.org/apps/?rpc=wss%3A%2F%2Fpolkadot.api.onfinality.io%2Fpublic-ws#/staking

Referendum 85, proposing to update the Kapex parachain runtime code to allow it to upgrade, is currently passing with almost 100% in favor with 13 days left to vote. https://polkadot.polkassembly.io/referendum/85

Referendum 86, proposing an increase in the (non-pool) nomination minimum of 100 DOT, is passing unanimously with 15 days left to vote. https://polkadot.polkassembly.io/referendum/86

Referendum 87, to upgrade the Statemint runtime to v9320, is currently passing with 99% in favor with 1 day left to vote. https://polkadot.polkassembly.io/referendum/87

There are two proposals seeking to add additional registrars. Please endorse whichever one you would like to see become a Referendum next. https://wiki.polkadot.network/docs/maintain-guides-democracy#endorsing-a-proposal

Acala has released a tool, chopsticks, which allows you to view a “parallel reality” of any Substrate chain, to see the effects of extrinsics submitted. https://twitter.com/XiliangChen/status/1595656879509999616

Kusama News

Referendum 247, proposing to upgrade the Statemine runtime to v9320, has passed. https://kusama.polkassembly.io/referendum/247

Referendum 248, proposing to open an HRMP channel between Picasso and Statemine, is currently passing with 99% in favor and 3 hours to vote. https://kusama.polkassembly.io/referendum/248

Referendum 249, proposing to fund development of Kagome, a C++ implementation of the Polkadot Host, is currently failing with 12% in favor and 3 days left to vote. https://kusama.polkassembly.io/referendum/249

Referendum 250, seeking to migrate several preimages from the legacy Democracy system, is passing with 99% in favor. https://kusama.polkassembly.io/referendum/250

With only a few minutes before the end of the current parachain lease auction, anonymous parathread ID 2236 has been in the lead the entire Ending Period. https://polkadot.js.org/apps/?rpc=wss%3A%2F%2Fkusama.api.onfinality.io%2Fpublic-ws#/parachains/auctions