Place for Polkadot builders in Slovenia

I’ve found this an excellent opportunity to highlight that we seek more builders in Slovenia! :slight_smile:

Since I’ve been personally living around Slovenia for a year++, I’ve found it pretty lovely to experimentally open out here web3 co-work as I had rich experience doing so in the past!
On top of it, I’ve found a lot of great builders living around.


To start this, we are happy to be speaking at the first Polkadot event in Ljubljana on 13/10, organized by the fantastic team behind AuhtTrail.
Next day 14/10, we are hosting an unofficial builders party at SubWork.
You are warmly invited to come over.

What’s SubWork?

The SubWork is still in beta. Its 200sqm ex-retail-shop space is located in Bled, Slovenia. Has two meeting rooms, a place for your calls and collaborative spots with a lot of sunlight. The cherry on top is a fantastic view of Bled Castle.

We have already successfully hosted over 20 folks from close friends and builders during the summer.

The plan is to open soon and host hackathons officially. Apart from that, it will be web3 cowork on the usual day-to-day schedule in a unique location close to nature. Especially great for 2-3 weeks retreats near the beautiful Julian Alps.

Future Hackathons

In the future, we would like to do a one-week-long hackathon in December/January, depending on the weather markets and energy levels. If you want to be involved as a hacker, company or sponsor, let us know ahead of time.

Have questions?

If you want to show up, hit SubWork lobby on Telegram, and we can answer your questions you might have.

This post was made from SubWork.

[1] first Polkadot event in Ljubljana on 13/10
[6] hosting an unofficial builders party at SubWork
[10] Bled, Slovenia