Place for Polkadot builders in Slovenia

I’ve found this an excellent opportunity to highlight that we seek more builders in Slovenia! :slight_smile:

Since I’ve been personally living around Slovenia for a year++, I’ve found it pretty lovely to experimentally open out here web3 co-work as I had rich experience doing so in the past!
On top of it, I’ve found a lot of great builders living around.


To start this, we are happy to be speaking at the first Polkadot event in Ljubljana on 13/10, organized by the fantastic team behind AuhtTrail.
Next day 14/10, we are hosting an unofficial builders party at SubWork.
You are warmly invited to come over.

What’s SubWork?

The SubWork is still in beta. Its 200sqm ex-retail-shop space is located in Bled, Slovenia. Has two meeting rooms, a place for your calls and collaborative spots with a lot of sunlight. The cherry on top is a fantastic view of Bled Castle.

We have already successfully hosted over 20 folks from close friends and builders during the summer.

The plan is to open soon and host hackathons officially. Apart from that, it will be web3 cowork on the usual day-to-day schedule in a unique location close to nature. Especially great for 2-3 weeks retreats near the beautiful Julian Alps.

Future Hackathons

In the future, we would like to do a one-week-long hackathon in December/January, depending on the weather markets and energy levels. If you want to be involved as a hacker, company or sponsor, let us know ahead of time.

Have questions?

If you want to show up, hit SubWork lobby on Telegram, and we can answer your questions you might have.

This post was made from SubWork.

[1] first Polkadot event in Ljubljana on 13/10
[6] hosting an unofficial builders party at SubWork
[10] Bled, Slovenia


Hello from SubWork,

We are officially open. In the upcoming weeks, we will be conducting beta testing with new coworkers who would like to show up.

In December we hosted our impressive opening ceremony with guests from Astar, KodaDot, Basilisk and Apillon. We had 30+ folks from international and locals coming to Bled to know each other better, which is quite stunning for start

On average, we had all-time high 9 coworkers in space in December, which is great metric for this small place :slight_smile:

Future Agenda

  • We’ve started reaching out to teams for hackathon who have at least some sort of working SDK for their product and are willing to participate within the prize pool. Goal right now we want to set date for the hackathon. We are looking for great weather here and good timing.
  • We would like to have a public calendar, where people could book our super large meeting room composed of Polkadot Room - 8-10 seats and Kusama Room 4-6 seats with a capacity of up to 30 people. Whole open space with a capacity of up to 50+ people.
  • Business as usual; if you are planning a trip around Slovenia, stop by for 1-3 weeks to hang out and make new friends within an ecosystem.
  • Laying up culture with close Slovenian, Austrian, Croatian and Italian art circles to raise awareness among future users, rather than developers
  • I feel a bit inspired by Solana Spaces. To me, it’s the same as it was Bitcoin embassy back then, yet we can demonstrate practical apps from the ecosystem. Who will be up to sending us some merch to our address so we can have public hours and demo your products?
  • Raising awareness as a pop-up space for Polkadot within Slovenia and among locals could bring definitely new opportunities for end users.


If you would like to get in touch, please follow SubWorkBled on Twitter and visit our Telegram channel


This is super cool, and looking forward to visiting!
Shouldn’t we have a Polkadot Summit at SubWork next year?
WDYT? @Arwen @mpj


That would be awesome! You are more than welcome to get in touch with us and set something up. Besides… there’s a hackathon being cooked for late April. Info soon!

Today we had amazing Friday Brunch at SubWork

If you plan to be close on work travel or retreat, you are more than welcome to show up at SubWork !:slight_smile:

Don’t forget to hit our Telegram channel and join our group SubWork for upcoming events updates

I love the idea of hosting it at a Web3 workspace, especially one substrate-branded, that is VERY on brand for the summit. I also LOVE that it’s close to nature to give a bit of a break from the normal office brainstorming, that kind of setting is really good for what we make the summit.

That said, we’ve learned that it is also very important to sync it with existing events so that the community can optimise their travel somewhat, but hey @yangwao - let this be me saying that I officially WANT to have it at places as SubWork and would make an effort to make it happen if conditions are fruitful - in order to increase those chances (as there are a LOT of factors involved in scheduling these) you can feed me with any bigger events in the same city that the ecosystem is likely to travel to, and we’ll put them + subspace on our radar for the scheduling process.


Hey, I really appreciate your words.

I also LOVE that it’s close to nature to give a bit of a break from the normal office brainstorming, that kind of setting is really good for what we make the summit.

Yes, it’s at the footsteps of Julian Alps & National park Triglav. There are plenty of activities you can do, and we are enjoying every day, like mountain biking in nature, rowing/kayaking on the lake, hiking and so on; you can choose. It’s a way different way of life being in the mountains.

you can feed me with any bigger events in the same city that the ecosystem is likely to travel to, and we’ll put them + subspace on our radar for the scheduling process.

Like non-tech events, there are happening a lot of international and worldwide championships like biathlon, rowing, and ice swimming.

Bigger events we can make here as it’s most of the congress activities in Slovenia happens here at scenic lake Bled. I bet facilities are here and the connection to airport (LJU) is 20 min and to capital, Ljubljana, is 40 min on the highway. Trains from Munich/Salzburg work here too!

Most likely, by the end of April happening a hackathon at SubWork; we will be sharing more about it shortly.

@damsky is a good Point of Contact on this.


As a native Slovenian I just wanna say…this is AWESOME! :slight_smile:


Hey, I am letting you know that we are organizing a Polkadot mini-conference in early May on Bled, in Slovenia. It’s the best time to come before it gets full of camper vans during the summer and get a taste of our workspace in the Julian Alps!

If you want to come before and stay working around its great timing and also before, so we are open to your bookings!


Hello again :wave:, SubWork is getting its first members, and we have oscillating members in space between 5 to 9 members daily.

Meanwhile, we’ve updated the page with various helpful pages, like

Feel free to peak on the whole update of SubWork new landing page, give humble feedback, and we will improve.

We still need to do grammar checks along as things are changing on the page, and push new fresh photos from space.

Feel free to peak on upcoming meetups or improvements we plan in SubWork

Hopefully, you’ve managed to click through the webpage, and those coming this summer, see you soon! :wink:

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Quick monthly updates on SubWork

We are getting visual identity gradually - SubWork - coworking space in nature

Charter Cities & Network State

  • tl;dr; - SubWork has franchise in China
  • We are sketching a scalability vision for SubWork to be part of Charter Cities, Network State &c as we got the Shenzen fork and experiment in Asia, it seems we are doing it well.

For future

We aim to make space more autonomous. Gradually introducing a system where coworkers can pay by depositing DOT or pay by credit card, receiving OTP code to enter the space whenever we are not here. Later we plan to introduce NFT-gated access for the area. For example, holders of Decoded 2023 poaps could come with a discount price. We are partnering with KodaDot for the NFT ticketing system to provide a working PoC for SubWork. We’ve got an offer to open NFT gallery in Slovenia under the brand, so we will be looking for local Slovenian artists to exhibit their works.