Summer HackaDOT 2023_South Korea / Calling All Ecosystem Leaders

Hello everyone, I’m Rhee!

As a Polkadot Head Ambassador of East Asia, I’m currently planning a Polkadot Hackathon in South Korea, target-date May 26-28th(Fri-Sun), 2023. “헤까닥” in Korean, means Chaos. Pronounced exactly the same as “HackaDOT”, plainly a compound word of Hackathon + Polkadot. This will be the name for this Hackathon, so hopefully we can EXPECT SOME CHAOS in Seoul.

The reason why it is set in the last week of May, is because starting from the 1st week of June till August, it is the hottest blockchain conference season within Korea and all around the neighboring countries. Therefore, I want to kick-off the crypto-season with the first-ever Polkadot hackthon happening in East Asia, so that we can grow our ecosystem presence in this small-but-one-of-the-most-trending crypto-nation among EA countries.

[What’s the concept/theme of this hackathon?]
■ It will have almost the same format to the Sub0 Lisboa 2022 that we had few months ago, but converted into a micro-edition. So there will be a Common Space, along with two Builder/Starter Space for workshops led by Live-ecosystem Projects and Parity/W3F.
■ 100% Competition-based, team up with mentors, and win a prize as a team.
■ Let me show you a preview of the beautiful venue, which look quite similar to LX Factory that we’ve been in Lisbon, in the center of the capital city of South Korea:

[Application for Mentors is NOW OPEN: Here are the requirements]
■ A team member from a Live-parachain Team.
■ A team member from Parity/W3F.
■ A member from Senior/Head Ambassador Groups.
■ All above members will be matched with a local mentor/judge to physically come to Korea.

Benefits for Mentors/Judge:
■ Gets the first-look-deal to decide which time-slot to host your workshop within the venue.
■ Gets the first-look-deal to choose the location where you want to set-up your booth.
■ Your logo and a profile image will be up & loaded in the top of all the posters/banners/website.
■ Gets an opportunity to become a speaker or a panelist during Buidl Asia 2023 week.

If you are interested, then do not hesitate to fill out this Application Form (Deadline → End of January).

Onchain proposal will be ready as soon as we have a full list of mentors and judge. (Skeleton proposal is ready)
Please like this post and share it with your trustless teammates.
Let’s keep buidl and collaborate, within this xcm-culture space.

/Rhee (email: / telegram: @rheeunion / discord: rheeunion#0605)


Hey there, we at KodaDot which is top1 dapp by GitHub on Polkadot, will be releasing our API & SDK, and we would like to come to help you to grow your developer audience to South Korea with KodaDot
Kodadot has the most contributors among all Polkadot projects (close to 100), so I guess we can help here.

I’ll ping you on Telegram.


Of course, I am well aware of how much KodaDot is contributing to the DOT ecosystem as one of the most trusted and reliable supporters, so let’s talk on Telegram :blush: