Join the Polkadot events at PragueBW 2023: Exploring Tech and NFTs

Greetings Polkadot enthusiasts!

Join fellow Polkadot community members at the upcoming Prague Blockchain Week 2023, a remarkable event exploring Polkadot and Web3 through diverse talks, interactive panels, and state-of-the-art venues.

Prague Blockchain Week is happening from June 2nd to June 11th. Polkadot events will take place on:

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PolkadotPrague Conference Highlights and Teaser

This year’s PolkadotPrague Conference offers a comprehensive insight into the Polkadot ecosystem, featuring innovative developments and invaluable networking opportunities. Key highlights include:

  • Engaging Keynote Speeches and Panels: The 2-day conference features presentations and panel discussions with industry leaders, covering topics like: “Mastering Cross-Chain Bridges”, “Should Your DApp Be a Parachain?” or insights on bridging off-chain data to your parachain. Stay tuned for more info and apply here:

  • Stunning Venue at Gabriel Loci: Set within the enchanting architecture and modern amenities of Gabriel Loci, the PolkadotPrague venue is providing an unforgettable conference experience. Check out the pictures below :open_mouth:

NFTs in Prague aka PolkadotNFT

PolkadotNFT Prague aims to impact the Web3 NFT landscape by bringing together enthusiasts, local talent, and international thought leaders. Key aspects propelling the event’s significance are:

Closing Thoughts

As a builder in the Polkadot ecosystem i’m encouraging you to join us at Prague Blockchain Week 2023, which promises a fantastic lineup of talks and workshops, coupled with the immersive atmosphere of both Gabriel Loci and Paralelni Polis.

Join the Polkadot community at Prague Blockchain Week 2023 and contribute to the future of the Polkadot ecosystem and the broader Web3 landscape. See you there!

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