OpenUX Call #2 - 2024-06-26 - Meeting Minutes

Hey everyone, I’d like to share the notes of our monthly OpenUX Call.

A bit of context first

In the same fashion as the Fellowship OpenDev call, the UX Guild gathers every month to discuss UX issues, prioritize and scope them, and address any relevant UX topics or news.

We started only three months ago, so we are still organizing and structuring our work. However, we’ve made progress, and the recently approved UX Bounty is a big milestone for the UX Guild.

Below are the minutes from our call.

1. Update on the UX Bounty

We are aiming to have the bounty operative end of July.

If you are interested to be part of the curator set, please refer to this post: UX Bounty Update

2. Clarification on the UX Guild, the UX Backlog, and the UX Bounty

We understand things can get confusing, so we provided a quick clarification on what is what.


  • Discuss in the UX Guild
  • Document in the UX Backlog
  • Execute through the UX Bounty

3. Prioritizing UX Issues

As mentioned above, we aim to have the bounty operational by the end of July. This gives us roughly one month to pave the way for the curators to prioritize and take action on the UX issues.

The major part of this call was dedicated to fleshing out the UX issues and do an initial prioritization. We reviewed all the existing listed issues, along with 6 new entries.

There are still 12 entries pending review, which we’ll cover in the next monthly call.

Below are the current prioritized UX issues.


:point_right: Check out the full Backlog

4. Cleaning up the Backlog

While discussing the issues, it was clear more organization was needed so we are adding two new tabs to the backlog:

  • Wishlist: A place for people to add their wishes for new experiences they would like to see. This differs slightly from UX issues and helps us prioritize.
  • On Radar: Initiatives or discussions currently being handled by other teams, where the UX Bounty might not need to intervene but should keep an eye on. An example is the recent discussion on the unbonding period.

Finally, to reflect the changes made to the backlog, we are renaming it to simply “UX Backlog.”

We will update its structure and clean it over time, using it as our single source of truth (SSOT) document for anything UX-related.

5. Projects progress tracking

We briefly discussed at the end how we’ll handle tasks and progress tracking for every projects. This is a topic we’ll focus on in the coming weeks.

We mentioned GitHub, Asana or Notion but this is open for further discussion, and a poll will be opened in the UX Guild for additional thoughts.

One thing was clear though is that we’ll keep the UX Backlog as the high level place to keep track of all projects.

Final note: this post is to share publicly our progress and gather your feedback. We emphasize on the importance of joining the call for live discussions as it facilitates better coordination and collaboration :pray: