Decoded 2024 Sponsorship for active community members

Full support for Petr! I :heart: Polkadotters!

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We need Bra in the show!

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haven worked with Bekka for over a year now in the polkadot community and Rust Nigeria, i am fully in support of her sponsorship to DECODED. I believe that her networking skill and knowledge gathered from this experience will enrich the whole Polkadot African community and help us grow bigger than we already are.

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Great! Albert is a very active ambassador in the community!
I fully support his application :100:


Aye wey!


Good luck, Nico. I hope you receive the support to go, to you and to the rest of the academy graduates. Many of you started in the ecosystem because of the PBA and have been making a path in the ecosystem, with the community, and that generates great things for the ecosystem, besides the talent that each of the devs brings.

See you in Brussels!

Nachito Agent #14


:clap: :clap: :clap:

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**WillySon23 or…just Willy **
**Barcelona, SPAIN **
Soy un gran amante del entorno Polkadot :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:, durante los últimos 6 meses he ayudado a recuperar wallets, o ayudado a aprender e introducirse en el mundo blockchain, especialmente en Polkadot a través de Telegram en un grupo especializado en ayudar a la gente que tiene agun tipo de problema con sus tokens o wallets. Hemos ayudado, sin ningún tipo de retribución directa o indirecta a muchas personas. También aclarando temas de Defi o enseñando a usar puentes, entornos, formar pools, etc

Desde febrero de 2024 soy Embajador de peaq network :rocket:, parachain de Polkadot ayudando al desarrollo de la comunidad especialmente en X, Grill (Subsocial), Telegram y publicaciones en Medium sobre el ecosistema de peaq. Si bien publicamos tanto en inglés como en español estoy, en mi caso, especialmente orientado al público hispano parlante

Además de todo esto soy bastante activo en el ecosistema probando diversas propuestas de parachains, sin duda por mi propio beneficio, pero también para ayudar a otras personas en el proceso de adopción que es donde pienso debemos, desde la comunidad, hacer un gran esfuerzo para que una blockchain como Polkadot que es líder tecnológicamente pueda atraer más liquidez al sistema y con ello inversores, aplicaciones y usuarios.

Me encantaría poder acudir a Decode para mejorar mi conocimiento del ecosistema, poder aprender más y seguir ayudando a más gente, establecer contactos con aquellos que me puedan ayudar a hacer crecer la red de ayuda y apoyo a la adopción con la que me gustaría crecer junto a la comunidad hispanoparlante. En mi caso, profesionalmente tengo mi vida totalmente hecha, y me dedico a esto muchas horas a la semana sobre todo por pura pasión por lo que para este objetivo sería de gran ayuda para mi poder acudir a Decode.

**WillySon23 or…just Willy **
**Barcelona, SPAIN **

I am a lover of Polkadot ecosystem :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:. Over the past 6 months, I have been helping to recover wallets or assisting in learning and getting started in the blockchain world, especially in Polkadot, through Telegram in a specialized group aimed at helping people who have any kind of problem with their tokens or wallets. We have helped many people without any kind of direct or indirect compensation. We have also clarified topics on DeFi or taught how to use bridges, DeFi environments, form pools, etc.

Since February 2024, I have been an Ambassador for peaq network :rocket:, a Polkadot parachain, helping to develop the community especially on X, Grill (Subsocial), Telegram, and Medium posts about the peaq ecosystem. Although we publish in both English and Spanish, I am particularly focused on the Spanish-speaking audience.

In addition to all this, I am quite active in the ecosystem, testing various parachain proposals, undoubtedly for my own benefit, but also to help other people in the adoption process, which is where I believe we, as a community, should make a great effort so that a blockchain like Polkadot, which is a technological leader, can attract more liquidity to the system and thereby investors, applications, and users.

I would love to attend Decode to improve my knowledge of the ecosystem, learn more, and continue to help more people, establish contacts with those who can help me grow the network of assistance and support for adoption, with which I would like to grow alongside the Spanish-speaking community. In my case, professionally, I have my life fully established, and I dedicate many hours a week to this mainly out of pure passion, so it would be very helpful for me to attend Decode for this purpose.


Full support Albert!

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Yes! Bra on the show!!!

your name or nickname
Saro (@babespapes)

Your country and region
Munich, Germany / Vienna, Austria

A summary of your last six months of activities as an active member of the community

As a Polkadot head ambassador for the German speaking markets I did the following in the last 6 months:

  • Hosting bi-monthly online calls for the German speaking markets (see Polkadot Discord - German speaking channel)

  • helping DACH community with wallet ID verification, treasury proposals and OpenGov in general

  • supporting Vasiliki Tani (Technical Events Manager) from Parity with Polkadot Developer Meet Ups in Vienna by connecting her to local Polkadot “influencers” and universities

  • connecting Vasiliki Tani (Technical Events Manager) from Parity with representatives from Austria who hosted an educational program on Blockchain in Ethiopia for a potential presence of Parity at the event

A paragraph explaining why you would like to benefit from sponsorship
Attending Decoded events has given me the opportunity to connect with a diverse range of community members, fostering personal conversations about various initiatives with the goal of achieving tangible results. My past experiences at Decoded in Berlin and Copenhagen have highlighted the significance of fostering relationships with fellow ambassadors, parachain team members, node operators, and friends in real life. These events, with their well-organized and engaging atmosphere, provide the perfect platform for collaborative discussions and meaningful exchanges within the Polkadot ecosystem.
Hence I’d like to ask for this sponsoring to get the chance to experience and enjoy another Decoded session with all of you!


Your name or nickname.

Leandro Palazzolo

Your country and region.

Argentina :argentina: - Region: America

A summary of your last six months of activities as an active member of the community.

Hi everyone! I’m Leandro Palazzolo (, a software engineer from Buenos Aires, Argentina, and I’m 29 years old. I’m a graduate of the Polkadot Blockchain Academy at UC Berkeley (engineering track: (NFT). With a decade of experience in software development, I’ve worked across diverse sectors such as gaming, energy, and blockchain technologies.

Over the last six months:

  • I participated in the “Polkadot Heroes” program.

  • I participated in the “Polkadot ink! Hackathon” organized by Encode Club:

    • My team achieved success by winning three prizes: “Most innovative ink! dApp (Polkadot)”, “Zero2ink Hero Bounty Challenge (Polkadot)”, and “Defi & Infrastructure (Aleph Zero)”.
  • I participated in the “Encode x Polkadot Accelerator 2023” program, where we successfully completed our product on schedule with the help of the program and fellow participants.

  • Together with two alumni from Berkeley, we released Kudos ( Kudos is a platform designed to streamline the process of onboarding new developers to the Polkadot ecosystem. We make it simple to browse, search, and filter open GitHub contributions across the entire ecosystem, allowing aspiring contributors to find projects and tasks that match their skill level and interests.

  • We shared our vision and collected feedback by posting in the Polkadot Forum.

  • We presented at “Polkadot sub0 Asia 2024” on the topic of Onboarding New Developers in the Substrate Ecosystem through Open Source Contributions with Kudos .

  • The project is actively maintained and we’re continuously releasing new features.

  • Our code is available on GitHub.

  • I’m an active member of the “Polkadot Hub”, a local community in Argentina. I regularly participate in their events by attending and welcoming people, such as the presentation of the new JAM paper by Dr. Gavin Wood.

A paragraph explaining why you would like to benefit from sponsorship.

I’ve been actively involved in the Polkadot ecosystem since late 2021, transitioning from the Ethereum ecosystem. I had the opportunity to attend Polkadot Decoded 2022, which was held in Argentina. This experience not only provided invaluable insights into the Polkadot ecosystem but also fostered connections with fellow enthusiasts and developers. Now, with the prospect of attending Decoded again, I am eager to further expand my knowledge, network, and contributions within the global Polkadot community. The chance to participate in-person would undoubtedly enrich my understanding and deepen my involvement in the ecosystem.

One of my key projects, Kudos, has been developed with the aim of streamlining the onboarding process for new developers to Polkadot. Through Kudos, developers can easily browse, search, and filter open GitHub contributions across the entire ecosystem, facilitating their participation in projects aligned with their skill level and interests. By attending this event, I hope to gather more feedback on Kudos, engage with fellow developers, and explore potential collaborations to enhance and expand its functionality.

Thank you for considering my application for sponsorship. I’m excited about the prospect of potentially attending Decoded and contributing to the vibrant Polkadot community.

PS: I couldn’t post some links, so send me a DM if you need them!

:argentina: :maté:

  • Name: Sirjey
  • Country: Nigeria
  • Region: Africa
  • Summary of your last six months of activities as an active member of the community:

In the last six months, I’ve been actively fighting scams in the Polkadot ecosystem, as a member of the Anti-Scam Team and participating in building the African community.

I hosted the first Polkadot event in Northern Nigeria this year, with great success having to onboard and educate over 80 persons in my local community about Polkadot see pictures here. After this milestone, I became a meet-up curator with the new meet-up bounty on Polkadot

I’m the founder of Polkagraphx, an upcoming vision to create infographic content on Polkadot, I am a content writer and event manager at Subdaily

In April, I had the opportunity to speak on the opportunities on Polkadot in a Twitter (X) space with a few other African ambassadors like Shakurharun and Cris, the Head ambassador African region which was hosted by Bekka, under the Polkadot Africa umbrella

  • A paragraph explaining why you would like to benefit from sponsorship:

I’d like to receive this benefit as it would allow me to continue my impactful contribution to the African community, and foster networking with other fellow ambassadors and ecosystem folks beyond my region. I need to attend Decoded and receive the sponsorship to learn broadly about organizing more events here in Africa, as I have not had experience with any Polkadot event outside my region. As a dedicated participant in the Polkadot community in Nigeria, I’ve forged valuable relationships with various team members throughout the ecosystem. It’s essential not just to uphold these networking bonds but to enhance them further. My future goal involves organizing significant Polkadot events in Nigeria, aiming to bring their grandeur and significance to our local community. I appreciate this chance and the initiative. Thanks


all my support Albert


Sirjey helped bring the Polkadot African Twitter(X) space last month to more publicity not just by speaking alone, he helped design the fliers. He makes a good teammate, he deserves the sponsorship.




Your name or nickname.

Pablo Dorado (@pandres95)

Your country and region.

Colombia :colombia: — Region: America :earth_americas:

A summary of your last six months of activities as an active member of the community.

After attending the Polkadot Blockchain Academy Wave 3, I’ve been greatly involved in the technical side, mostly contributing to the codebase and products that benefit the Polkadot ecosystem as a whole.

Some highlights I can point out are the following:

  • I have greatly contributed to the development, release, and growth of Kreivo, the first space for creating DAOs natively in Kusama.
  • I’ve contributed with tooling to enhance the experience of the Polkadot Fellowship, specifically, a bot to keep track of RFC-related referenda.
  • I’m currently working to improve people’s experience in decentralized governance, enable more use cases for assets, ease up account ownership, as well as helping polishing up Developer Experience.
    • As a side note, my personal project, Kippu and the definition of its protocol Ticketto will bring many enhancements in the following months, like enabling more dynamic tools to transact with NFTs (i.e. with other assets than native tokens, like DOT or KSM).

Finally, I recently applied to be promoted as a Member of the Polkadot Fellowship, and my application has been approved.

A paragraph explaining why you would like to benefit from sponsorship.

There are some reasons why I would benefit from being granted the sponsorship:

  • I’ve been able to attend in-person events where I can keep in touch with other community members, interact, and accelerate some ideas in an environment that’s better suited for that.
  • Since the Decoded delivers the state-of-the-art, I’d have more tools to keep contributing and helping the ecosystem.
  • Finally, I consider it really important to keep the technical side and excite other people as well. We’re preparing a series of technical content to onboard even more people to the Polkadot in Latin America. We’re starting in Colombia (alongside the Polkadot Ambassadors in Colombia), and being there will help me prepare the most exciting content possible.

It would be awesome to attend my first in-person Decoded, so I’m hoping you’ll consider my application.


Hello Polkadot fam! :wave:

  • Your name or nickname.

Adrián (AKA: Adrian Coinref)

  • Your country and region.

City: Valencia

Country: Spain

Region: Europe

  • A summary of your last six months of activities as an active member of the community.

From Coin Reference I have been favoring different spaces within the ecosystem with the aim of seeking synergies and collaborations between projects building on Polkadot and their respective parachains. I have organized virtual events, such as The Week event with +20 Polkadot projects, and in-person events, such as the first MeetUp in Valencia in collaboration with Vara Network. I also prepared spaces such as the TMP podcast, X(Twitter) spaces, Dotsama Magazine, explanatory threads on X(Twitter) and audio-visual content for different Polkadot projects. Added to all this is my role in the Neurolanche X Labs team as Main Spanish Ambassador managing marketing strategies to enrich the Spanish-speaking community of Neurolanche, Astar and Polkadot. I also contributed as the main ambassador of the Spanish-speaking communities of Apillon, managing their social networks and telegram in Spanish. I also contributed to the DApp Force (Subsocial) code in Grill Chat by creating the code necessary to implement the Grill Chat widget on any HTML website. Finally, mention my contribution to the Spanish-speaking community of Polkadot, trying to improve it and favoring the creation of events, spaces and graphic and audio-visual content.

  • A paragraph explaining why you would like to benefit from sponsorship.

This would be my first time attending Polkadot Decoded and I would like to connect with all the projects and parachains within the ecosystem, get to know them personally and up close and try to create new strategies together to continue contributing to the Polkadot ecosystem.

Thanks you so much! See you in Brussels! :heart:


Aye, aye & aye!!!

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Adrian deserves this support, therefore he has my support in his application :muscle:t2::fire:

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