Decoded 2024 sponsorship for an active community members

** Your name or nickname.**
Sammie (@Fxn_Sammie)

** Your country and region.**
Nigerian living in Nigeria

** A summary of your last six months of activities as an active member of the community.**
I’ve been active in the blockchain industry since 2021, shuffling ambassador roles, organizing offline events, creating content, speaking in spaces and o much more. Early last year, I got introduced to Polkadot, but it’s lack of feasible support structure in Africa discouraged me, however I found strength in the core concept and track of the project which is what drew me more into studies and consequently trying to get others informed about Polkadot in my region. So I started planning an in-person meet up.

I started putting plans together, it was elaborate. Had to start cutting down when I realized the cost. Cut down to a number I could afford. And went ahead to start implementing, and subsequently hosted the event which was a huge success. Polkadot, Uyo. - Google Drive

Apart from that,I have been attending meetups where I speak, and I have been actively engaged in the discord community for Africa, twitter would have been more productive but there was concern about access to the already existing twitter account for Africa, so discussions to create a new one kept going back and forth.

** A paragraph explaining why you would like to benefit from sponsorship.**

This would in-fact prove to everyone in my region that we are ‘heard’. And demystify the concept of Polkadot being too far from communities not in 1st-world regions. Personally, it would make stop looking ‘crazy’ for advocating for a project most believe to be out of touch.

Thanks to the initiators of this template and everyone else for kickstarting this initiative and hoping it gets the support it deserves on OpenGov.