Candidacy as DV - Lorena Fabris alias blockya

Who I am

Hello Community.

I am Lorena Fabris, also known as blockya, from Argentina and an active participant in the Polkadot ecosystem since 2020, where I serve roles such as ambassador and, since 2021, as Head Ambassador for Latin America.

Over these years, I has been speaker at various events, meetup, conferences including Decoded 2022 and 2023, both within and outside the Polkadot ecosystem.

Alongside Hernan Borelli, I founded Polkadot Hub, an educational platform in Spanish aimed at developers and the community at large.

I was co-organizer of the first Polkadot hackathon in Latin America in 2022, and I organized numerous technical and non technical events, both in-person and virtual, throughout the Latin American region.

Currently, I am part of the Spanish Bounty as a curator. Bounty Proposal: [Spanish content and event production bounty] | Polkassembly

At this moment, along with other Head Ambassadors, we are promoting a proposal to sponsor 40 reputable people from the community from different regions of the world, to attend Decoded 2024 in Brussels. Decoded 2024 Sponsorship for active community members | Polkassembly

Political Philosophy and Agenda for the Ecosystem

I firmly believe in the transformative potential of new technologies. They are indispensable tools for improving people’s life and give them new opportunities. Likewise, I trust in the development of OpenGov and decentralized governance models that balance the interests of active ecosystem participants with token holders, especially those with a large number of votes.

I study various governance models, both within and outside the blockchain ecosystem, and the current challenges they face to improve them.
Governance in Polkadot is particularly interesting, and the tools it employs, such as the delegation tracks and conviction voting, are valuable for limiting the power of certain actors.

Furthermore, the initiative to distribute votes through Decentralized Voices by the Web3 Foundation among certain key figures also contributes to exposing different opinions and perspectives.

However, I believe that decentralization should be even greater, allowing each region to have at least one representative voice. We have various distinct regions: Europe, America, Latin America, Africa, Asia, APAC, and that diversity has not been reflected in the distribution of Decentralized Voices.

Finally, I believe that Polkadot should continue to focus on ecosystem growth, fostering greater adoption of the technology by companies and projects, as well as strengthening interoperability with other blockchains. I consider divergent voices fundamental to consolidating the system and enabling its maturity.

On-chain Identity

Polkadot 12xRcHjvStkUYgzTh9vyqinN3tUpddgcPnSUcLXZ3ty44Mq1

Kusama CbNFBz4eykqiGqwYTfzRcYZGDh8xhbwwy4QaeiS4ctEPvXn