Candidacy for DV Delegate - Ezio Rojas

Hello Polkadot community.

I would like to introduce myself here to be a DV delegate for the next 3 month period.

I am Ezio Rojas. I currently serve as curator of the Spanish Bounty (, AMI Bounty Program (AMI Bounty Program | Polkassembly) and the Business Development Polkadot in Spain & Andorra Bounty (Bounty Proposal: Business Development Polkadot in Spain & Andorra | Polkassembly). I am in the Polkadot ecosystem since 2021. I worked at Parity Technologies from December 2021 to January 2024, where I served as Community and Social Media Manager for Latin America and Spain.

Background in crypto ecosystem

I started as a user in the crypto ecosystem in 2017. In 2019 I started working with Cointelegraph, where I reached by 2021 the position of Editor in Chief of the Spanish version.

In 2022 I co-founded the Caracas Blockchain Week, the largest Web3 conference in Venezuela and one of the largest in Latin America, with more than 3000 attendees in 5 days. In 2023 we had the second edition, reaching 3200 attendees and the first crypto-hackathon in Venezuela.

Participation in Polkadot

  • Speaker at Labitconf participating with Polkadot, 2022 edition.
  • Collaborator in Polkadot Hackathon Latam, 2022.
  • Speaker at Polkadot World Barcelona, 2022.
  • Speaker side event of Polkadot in Bitcoin Miami, 2022.
  • Speaker Polkadot Decoded 2022, Buenos Aires.
  • Speaker Polkadot Latam Day 2022.
  • Speaker at CriptoLatinFest participating with Polkadot, 2023 edition.

Address I have participated in OpenGov


Why do I want to become a Decentralized Voice delegate?

Since joining the Polkadot community, I have been an active participant in the governance of the network. I have used my DOTs linked directly to my wallet with on-chain identity to vote on proposals and make decisions that impact the future of Polkadot.

This active participation reflects my deep commitment to the success of the network. I have “skin in the game,” which means I am personally involved and concerned about the well-being of Polkadot.

I am also applying for be Delegate of the DV with a firm commitment: to be the voice of the vibrant Spanish-speaking community within the Polkadot ecosystem. I believe that this community, one of the most active and enthusiastic in the ecosystem, deserves to have a dedicated representative who can defend its interests and promote its aspirations.

Philosophy for OpenGov

I want to focus on 2 fundamental pillars:

  1. Support for ideas and proposals that will push growth in the use of the Polkadot network.

Polkadot has excellent technology, with world-class developers with immeasurable skills to deploy the best solutions in the Blockchain, but despite all this, we are not achieving significant adoption of Polkadot.

On-chain data points to Polkadot averaging 6k active addresses daily, while Ethereum’s L2s are sustaining between 100-300k active addresses on a daily basis. This data points us to the fact that we are presenting very few users on the network.

As a solution, I believe that the Treasury should focus hard on supporting and supporting ideas that are aimed at getting more users into the network, who can participate and be active in the ecosystem.

  1. Balanced view between conservative and liberal in Marketing

Polkadot marketing has been a complex topic, with constant debates between liberal and conservative positions.

Instead of taking sides, I propose a balanced view:

  • Rigorous evaluation of proposals: analyze each marketing proposal professionally, considering ROI and actual reach within the ecosystem.
  • Prioritize efficiency and impact: Focus on marketing strategies that generate tangible results and maximize ROI.
  • Transparent and effective communication: Require proposals to maintain open and transparent communication with the community about their actions, thus fostering trust and support within the ecosystem.

Can you share the address(es) with which you have voted in OpenGov in the past?

Sure Mister Cole, I have edited the text for show the address.


Your points are spot on. Currently, Polkadot faces a critical challenge due to the lack of support for new integrations and developments with projects. To truly thrive, we must prioritize fostering supporting new projects to join the ecosystem, by doing so we not only enhance Polkadot’s ecosystem but also amplify its reach and influence.

Embracing integrations with established projects yields multifaceted benefits. It injects fresh developments into our ecosystem while ensuring sustained marketing efforts over the long term. This symbiotic relationship is pivotal for Polkadot’s growth, otherwise at the current rate things are going we are doomed.

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Thanks for sharing the vision Polkaman. I don’t think we are doomed yet, there are still many of us left in this ecosystem with vision to achieve the goals that we want.

I support ezio a lot, he always makes himself available and understands our Brazilian ecosystem and its particularities, Ezio is an excellent actor in the ecosystem and deserves this opportunity for being a voice for LATAM


Thanks for the support Jhon!

I totally support Ezio’s participation! he’s a key member of the spanish speaking community. I know Ezio personally and know that he is a person who can be trusted, someone who is prepared and well known in the community.

Thanks for your support Cesar!!

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I have had the opportunity to interact with Ezio on multiple occasions at Polkadot events and through online engagements.

He possesses a profound understanding of the Polkadot ecosystem, proposals and demonstrates strong communication skills. Despite occasional differences in perspective, we were always able to engage in constructive dialogue and reach mutually agreeable resolutions.

Looking forward to seeing him as a DV!

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Thank you so much for your support Six!


Full Support for this Gentleman’s candidacy. Ezio is well known Spanis community contributor with a lot of outstanding deliveries. His work as a Spanish Bounty curator along with his experience and expetrise are the key elememnts of Spanish Bounty Team’s succes. His voting history also shows great commitement to Governance. We definetely need the Spanish Community voice to be heard in the DV cohort.


Thank you so much for your support and for all the work that you have been doing in the Polkadot community Jimmy!

Hi Ezio,
In regards to the treasury…What are your thoughts on Treasury conservatism (The idea of conserving dot at low price action and allocating $Dot in a more efficient matter) and how will this concept influence your decision making if granted a DV in cohort 2?

The treasury just recently went under 30 million $Dot and we are approaching a movement that will require careful allocation of our resources (Dot).

Thank you for bringing this topic to the table.

I have been tracking Treasury outflows. The data (Subscan | Aggregate Substrate ecological network high-precision Web3 explorer) points to over 7,200,000 DOTs out of Treasury between April and May, a number we have not seen before and which is logically affecting the total amount of Treasury.

As I expressed in my postulation, I want to propose a more conservative approach, especially those related to marketing, with adjustments both in salaries and campaign oriented expenses.

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Each quarter our spending in terms of Dot appears to be increasing. This is going to be a potential problem if the price of dot does not appreciate in value. It will continue to take more Dot to satisfy proposers. In the event of a black swan and dot drops by 50% it will be around 100 million in the treasury… we have to consider how we would allocate our resources.

You appear to be aware of the treasury issue. You have my full support.

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I support Ezio with his application, he has proven his erudition in several occasions. Besides technical skills, he is also experienced in the OpenGov where he demonstrated his knowledge. He also is great representative of LATAM community.

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Thank you so much Paul for your support, has a great value for me!

Good luck Pana! You deserve it!

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Thank you Albert! Let’s do it!!