Application for Decentralized Voices - Gabo

Hello everyone,

My name is Gabo, and I am a senior Polkadot ambassador. I am writing to express my interest in applying for DV. Over the past year, my primary contributions to the ecosystem have included the founding of the Polkadot Sanctuary and the development of a new community in Bali from the ground up. These initiatives have led to numerous positive outcomes for the Polkadot ecosystem. Additionally, I have played a key role in organizing a variety of events, ranging from large conferences to smaller meetups, and have supported the integration of emerging projects into the Polkadot ecosystem as an ambassador.

Here are some of the key contributions I have made:

-Co-founder of the Polkadot Sanctuary, highlighting its achievements.
-Co-organizer of the Polkadot Championship hackathon 2023 edition in Budapest.
-Co-organizer of the Soulbound 2023 Bali Blockchain Summit.
-Co-organizer of multiple Polkadot Meetups/workshops in Budapest, Dubai, and Bali.
-Advisor to Mandala Chain as a Polkadot ambassador.
-Advisor to Mosaic Chain as a Polkadot ambassador.
-Representation of Polkadot at Hacktivity 2023 with a booth.

A significant and impactful achievement is the establishment of an entire Polkadot community in Bali by Six and me. This effort was remarkable, leading to the onboarding of five new Polkadot Ambassador Candidates, one of whom has become a fully-fledged Ambassador. We organized nine meetups (Blocktalks) with over 300 attendees, all focused on Polkadot. Additionally, we co-organized a larger event named ‘Soulbound’, which attracted nearly 1000 attendees with its Polkadot-related presentations, talks, and workshops. We successfully persuaded the local government to adopt Substrate for development and presented it to officials from the government and the Ministry of Tourism, outlining the benefits of embracing Polkadot. Furthermore, we signed an MoU with the local government, granting the Polkadot hub free use of the Bali Blockchain Center for the next three years.

I am also a proud member of the Polkadot Hubs Collective.

We have recently begun negotiations in Dubai with the Dubai Future Foundation to use their blockchain center for hosting Polkadot-related events, culminating in the signing of an MOU.

Moreover, I have participated in numerous events, from Decoded to sub0, and have engaged with Polkadot-related teams, such as Subwallet in Vietnam, and ecosystem members, including Sota Watanabe from Astar and the Polkadot Insider team. My visits to Parity offices in Berlin and Lisbon were aimed at strengthening connections within the ecosystem, getting to know its members better, listening to their opinions, hearing their stories, and sharing our experiences.

This year, Six and I launched our own project, the G6 Network, which is focused on facilitating governmental and institutional adoption of blockchain solutions that are easy to implement and feature private data storage and permissioned access.

In my view, everyone should feel encouraged to submit proposals if they believe these can create value for the ecosystem. Of course, all proposals will undergo a review process, during which we will assess their potential and decide accordingly.

My political view is straightforward: be reasonable, accountable, good to have a proven track record and your proposal should be beneficial for the Polkadot ecosystem. I consider myself a critical-analytical thinker. With a background in building real-world businesses, my focus is on sustainability and, in particular cases here, revenue generation. I have engaged in reviewing, writing, submitting, commenting on, and providing feedback for proposals, assisting partners within the Polkadot ecosystem.

Thank you for considering my application


Gabo has my full support. He is among the best Polkadot Ambassadors!

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Thank you Six. :slight_smile:

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