We have presented a discussion at OpenGov to build the Sónar+D DAO. Expecting your support in the future proposal!

Hello, I’m Arnau based in Barcelona, a seasoned professional in the music industry with over 15 years of experience at notable companies like Primavera Sound, Jägermusic, and Discogs. In early 2022, I left my position as one of the main artist bookers at Primavera Sound to co-found GUZZU, a startup bridging music and web3. Now, nearly two years later, I oversee two companies: GUZZU and Vitamin3.

My connection with the Polkadot community began when I met Ursula O’Kuinghttons of the Web3 Foundation. Together, we collaborated on two significant music projects: the Web3 Music Summit with Primavera Sound in June 2023), and the Sónar +D DAO with Sónar Festival, presented during this year’s 30th anniversary. The ongoing development of the DAO involves a collaboration between Polkadot, Sónar Festival, GUZZU, and Vitamin 3.

Key contributors from the Polkadot community include Maarmapa and Ursula O’kuinghttons. We’re also engaging with Albert, Head Ambassador of the Polkadot Ecosystem in Spain.

We’ve presented the proposal for discussion at Opengov with the following title “Sónar +D DAO by Polkadot: How blockchain can revolutionize the music industry” and want to ensure you’re among the first to be informed. Feel free to reach out with any questions. The proposal positions Polkadot as a Blockchain partner for one of the world’s premier festivals, offering brand visibility, a robust PR campaign, and collaborations with key figures in the Music, Tech, and Digital Art World to highlight Sónar’s DAO focusing on innovation, music, and tech projects.

By the way, if anyone is interested in the antecedents of the project: The presentation of the Sónar +D DAO project took place in a dynamic 2-hour masterclass (In June this year as part of the main Sonar Festival program), hosted with the support of Polkadot. Over 100 participants attended, with 30% of them eagerly enrolling as beta testers for this innovative digital community, crafted by the collaboration of tech enthusiasts and music aficionados. Leading the masterclass were members of the GUZZU team including myself, alongside Úrsula O’Kuninghttons and Filippo Franchini, representing Web3 Foundation/Polkadot :slight_smile:

We had a great time in one of the most well-respected music festivals in the world with lots of members of the Polkadot community :heart:

Recording of the 2h masterclass: https://youtu.be/FcozRnOPMPc

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