Decentralized Futures: Polkadot Music Products (PMP) - Empowering the Music Industry with Web3 on Polkadot


Dear Polkadot Community,

We are thrilled to announce our proposal for the Decentralized Futures Fund: Polkadot Music Products (PMP). Our initiative aims to position Polkadot as the premier blockchain ecosystem for the music and entertainment industry. We believe that music is a powerful medium to drive mass adoption of Web3 technologies and we are dedicated to making Polkadot the leading platform for this transformation.

Captivating the Music Industry with Polkadot

At PMP, we recognize Polkadot’s potential to revolutionize the music industry through its unique capabilities in interoperability, scalability and security. Powered by shared security and heterogeneously sharded execution, Polkadot offers best-in-industry governance, seamless upgradability, and high throughput.

Our mission is to develop Web3 consumer products that attract established music brands and help them be at the forefront of innovation. We aim to engage a non-crypto native audience and onboard them to Polkadot with exceptional user experiences that abstract away the complexities of Web3 technology.

By focusing on real-world use cases for music clubs, festivals, record labels, and artists, we aim to demonstrate the transformative power of Web3 technologies and drive significant adoption and growth for Polkadot by attracting a diverse range of users, brands, and service providers.

Who We Are

PMP is a pioneering initiative founded by experts with deep knowledge of the music industry, software delivery and blockchain, including a former Parity team member. We are a highly skilled team of software and blockchain engineers, music and marketing experts, and a strong team of dedicated advisors, all deeply passionate about the Polkadot ecosystem. Our founding team has already brought the ecosystem dApp to market and launched Web3 products with artists like Disclosure and Len Faki.

We are committed to building innovative solutions that cater to the needs of music enthusiasts, venues, and industry players.

Our core team consists of:

  • Finn Martin has 20 years of experience in the music industry, from owning and running a publishing company with Sony/ATV and his own indie record label to working with all major music labels. He also has 12 years of experience leading a creative marketing agency working with renowned brands such as Porsche, Microsoft, and Mercedes Benz, spearheading numerous successful global projects.

  • Delphine Sarwar has more than 10 years of experience working in the eCommerce, EdTech and FinTech sectors. In 2020 Delphine Sarwar founded Define Creative and developed a notable track record of organizational innovation cases.

  • Darko Mijić has 20 years of experience in software delivery, specializing in complex systems and exceptional user experiences. He also has 10 years of experience in blockchain and contributed to Polkadot during his time at Parity.

Our Vision for Web3-Enabled Music Products

PMP seeks to unleash Polkadot’s full potential as a blockchain platform uniquely capable of serving the music and entertainment industry. Our innovative solutions, such as dynamic NFT-based loyalty protocols and Web3-enabled music merchandising, will showcase Polkadot’s advanced technological capabilities. These solutions will enable seamless integration of physical and digital experiences, transforming fan engagement and creating new revenue streams for the music industry.

Key Benefits for the Polkadot Network and Community

1. Showcasing Polkadot’s Capabilities: By leveraging Polkadot’s unique capabilities, PMP will highlight the network’s strengths in building real-world apps and supporting complex ecosystems like music clubs and festivals.
2. Attracting New Users: Our products will engage a diverse range of users, brands, and service providers, expanding the Polkadot ecosystem and community.
3. Channeling Mass Adoption: Through compelling use cases and tangible benefits, we will channel mass adoption of Web3 technologies, positioning Polkadot as a leader in the music industry.

Key Benefits for the Music Industry and Partners

  1. Innovative Revenue Streams: PMP introduces new income opportunities for music clubs, labels, and artists in the Web3 ecosystem through NFT-based loyalty programs and dynamic NFTs for royalties and merchandise, fostering financial growth and sustainability.
  2. Enhanced User Experiences: PMP transforms fan engagement with NFT-based loyalty protocols, Web3-enabled merchandise, and interactive video experiences, catering to tech-savvy music consumers and enhancing brand loyalty.
  3. Cutting-Edge Technology: PMP aims to provide music clubs, labels, and brands solutions to harness advanced Web3 technologies in order to gain a competitive market edge. By demonstrating the practical applicability of these technologies in real-world scenarios, PMP helps established music companies and brands to stay relevant amidst rapid technological advancements. This fosters innovation across the music ecosystem, paving the way for new creative possibilities and business opportunities.

Detailed Initiative Overview

Our Team: Our Decentralized Futures funding proposal aims to establish and foster a team which will position PMP as a Dev Shop and R&D Hub for music products on Polkadot while also advancing Loyalty Launch to the MVP phase.

Loyalty Launch MVP: Loyalty Launch (LL), an innovative loyalty app designed specifically for clubbers and music venues. LL is built on our loyalty protocol, utilizing dynamic NFTs for Proof of Attendance and Proof of Purchase to reward frequent clubbers with exclusive benefits and unique experiences available only to LL users.

The MVP of Loyalty Launch is set to debut at the end of 2024 in collaboration with some of the world’s top clubs. This partnership will allow us to deploy and rapidly iterate on LL, ensuring an exceptional user experience ready for widespread adoption. Initially, the MVP will be built on Polkadot’s Asset Hub, with plans to integrate more deeply into the Polkadot ecosystem.

Web3 Merchandise and iXR R&D: While our primary commitment is to deliver the MVP of Loyalty Launch, we are also aligning and integrating our broader product pipeline with Polkadot. We are in the process of designing and prototyping our Web3 Merchandise product, which is currently in the R&D phase. Additionally, we are in the early planning stages of integrating our iXR solutions on Polkadot, preparing for its potential development as our first client product.

Web3 Polkadot Gateway: The PMP products we aim to launch will serve as a Web3 Polkadot gateway for Web2 companies in the music industry, helping them transition to and leverage the benefits of decentralized technologies.

Our current product pipeline:

1. Loyalty Launch

  • Target Group: Electronic music clubs.
  • Objective: Introduce dynamic NFT-based loyalty programs to enhance fan engagement and provide exclusive perks and rewards for club-goers.

2. Web3 Merchandise

  • Target Group: Festivals, record labels, and artists.
  • Objective: Web3 merchandising integrates physical products with digital assets on-chain. NFC tags embedded in merchandise link to unique digital content such as music tracks or virtual event tickets. Users tap NFC-enabled devices to access these assets securely. This technology enhances fan engagement by offering exclusive, interactive experiences that bridge physical and digital realms, leveraging blockchain for transparency and security.

3. Interactive Extended Reality (iXR)

  • Target Group: Brands, artists
  • Objective: Integrate our interactive video streaming solution on Polkadot and continue the development to deliver immersive and engaging brand experiences to fans, bridging the gap between brands and their audiences through innovative Web3 technologies offering interactive and personalized contents which enrich fan engagement and brand loyalty. This interactive Extended Reality solution enables brands, music festivals, and artists to deploy interactive video streaming that triggers NFTs, facilitating unique fan engagements and novel monetization avenues.

Marketing and Business Development

PMP is not just about using blockchain technology to build great products for the music industry; it’s also about bringing these innovative products to the market effectively. Our team has an extensive background in marketing and a vast network of corporate clients and partners. We are well-positioned to promote PMP’s offerings and ensure widespread adoption within the music and entertainment sectors.

  • Extensive Marketing Background: Our marketing team has a proven track record of launching successful campaigns and building strong brand identities. We leverage our expertise to create impactful marketing strategies that resonate with our target audiences.
  • Strategic Partnerships and Corporate Clients: PMP’s business development strategy is focused on fostering new opportunities and bringing major brands into the Web3 space. These partnerships will not only enhance PMP’s credibility but also provide significant exposure and growth opportunities.

Final Thoughts

We are incredibly excited about PMP’s potential to transform the music and entertainment industry through Web3 technologies and position Polkadot as the leading blockchain ecosystem for electronic music. By leveraging the Polkadot ecosystem, we aim to create innovative solutions that enhance user experiences, provide new revenue streams, and seamlessly integrate cutting-edge technologies. We welcome feedback from the community and look forward to collaborating with industry players to realize this vision.

Polkadot has tremendous potential and PMP can be a catalyst for showcasing the technology, ecosystem, and community to its fullest. We thank you for your attention, and look forward to your feedback and comments.