Decentralized Voices: Cohort 2 - AIWeb3

Dear Polkadot Community and Web3 Foundation,

This is Dr. Cao, I am writing to you today to apply for decentralized voice initiative as the founder of AIWeb3 DAO (aiweb3 | Twitter | Linktree ) and represent the AIWeb3 DAO, the most vibrant Chinese community within the Polkadot ecosystem. Our mission has always been to amplify the voice of the Chinese-speaking community, support Chinese content creators, ensuring it plays a pivotal role in shaping the future of Polkadot. With over 8,000 followers on Twitter and daily active engagements across Discord (7500+ members) and Telegram (1000+ members), we have established ourselves as a central hub for discussion, education, and collaboration surrounding specifically Polkadot and Polkadot ecosystem.

About AIWeb3 DAO:

AIWeb3 DAO stands at the forefront of decentralized Web3 education, supported by the Polkadot/Kusama Treasury (AIWeb3 Chinese Unit proposal (爱Web3 中文社区提案) - September, 2023 - March, 2024 ). Our community consists of 20 dedicated content creators who collaborate with numerous Polkadot parachain projects to organize contests and promote the ecosystem, such as the recent on-going video competitions with Astar Network, InvArch, and Bifrost. Each contest has gathered around 20 submissions, demonstrating the enthusiasm and talent within our community.

As a staunch participant in the Polkadot ecosystem, I have personally contributed through video tutorials covering various Polkadot products, from crowdloans to tools in Polkadot eco, making complex concepts accessible to all (My Chinese video channel: ). Our efforts are further bolstered by prominent voices in the ecosystem, such as Ben ( and Xiucai ( , who bring deep understanding and reach within the community.

Our Proposal:

We are applying for the delegation from Decentralized Voices initiative, as we are confident in our ability to contribute meaningfully and consistently to the governance and progression of Polkadot ecosystem.
Our philosophy is that proposals applied through Opengov should :slight_smile:

  1. Have profound understanding of the ecosystem
  2. Have a good reputation in the eco.
  3. Commitment to contribute over the long term
  4. Willingness to invest all necessary resources into Polkadot’s growth just as myself and AIWeb3 have been doing.

For example, my YouTube channel exclusively talks about Polkadot and Polkadot ecosystem projects by sharing all the new products in Polkadot. Moreover, I chose to build AIWeb3 community during the bear market when Polkadot communities lost faith, so that the core Chinese Polkadot community had a hub to get the latest of the project and focus on the long-term goal of Polkadot rather than on the daily fluctuation of token price. We have been consistently producing content introducing the latest innovation on Polkadot. Our monthly summary of content and activities can be found at: AIWeb3 Chinese Unit proposal (爱Web3 中文社区提案) - September, 2023 - March, 2024 ).

Furthermore, amid the backlash of misuse of Polkadot grants through OpenGov - We advocate for a measured approach to funding new projects and support of KOLs, gradually increasing their allocation based on performance. For established projects and KOLs with proven track records, we aim to provide ample support, recognizing their sustained contributions.

Voting and Support:

Our support for projects extends beyond voting. For those receiving grants, AIWeb3 DAO is committed to helping them grow their Chinese-speaking community. We intend to promote their products through our content creators, engage our community in their testing phases, and facilitate connections with other Polkadot ecosystem projects. We believe in the collective strength of the ecosystem - that together, we are more than the sum of our parts.

If granted this opportunity, I, along with KOL Ben (, as the initial sub-DAO team under AIWeb3, will organize weekly Twitter Spaces to discuss all proposals in Chinese, inviting the entire Chinese-speaking community to contribute ideas and support the projects to success. Ben and I will also continue to expand the sub-DAO and attract more experts in Chinese to participate in the OpenGOV.

Closing Thoughts:

AIWeb3 DAO embodies the spirit of decentralization and community-driven growth. As we strive to be a voice for the Chinese-speaking Polkadot community, we are eager to contribute to the Decentralized Voices initiative, fostering a more inclusive and vibrant ecosystem for all.

Thank you for considering our application. We look forward to the possibility of further discussions and to the opportunity to make a lasting impact on the Polkadot ecosystem.

Warm regards,




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I love AIWeb3 ,It’s the best polkadot community !

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