Sharing a Template for a Parachain Incident Management SOP

One of the action items from the Incident management workshop at the Summit in Copenhagen earlier this year was to produce a template to give a starting point for teams to build their own SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) to incidents on parachains. (I volunteered having a basic one for ourselves.) Each situation is very different, but it helps to have a basic setup to follow. A thank you to all the contributors, and any remaining errors are my own. Feel free to suggest additional changes or fork and share your own!

Remember: This is a template and should be cloned and modified to meet your particular needs and wants.

View the Template here: Public Template: Parachain Incident SOP - Google Docs

If you are interested in this, then you likely want to learn more about the Parachain Incident Management Matrix room if you haven’t already: Polkadot-Kusama <> Parachains - Incident Management