Technical Fellowship Manifesto

Following up from the workshop about the Ecosystem Technical Fellowship at the Polkadot Summit today.

At the end @Ben was calling for technical people from the ecosystem to contribute to write the first draft of the manifesto. I think that parachain CTOs might be one set of obvious candidates to collaborate on this first draft. As the CTO of Pendulum I certainly like to offer to contribute as well. I would like this thread to call for other contributors and start to organize this process. Anyone here to join this effort?


As someone who was not at the Polkadot Summit, is there somewhere which gives a more high level vision of the Ecosystem Technical Fellowship?

  • What would be the goals of this fellowship?
  • How would it be similar or different than the existing fellowship?
    • Seems like it targets a different set of builders from the Polkadot ecosystem?
  • Would there be users who exist in multiple fellowships?

I’d be interested to be involved!

notes from the session coming soon ™ @shawntabrizi

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Some early comment: There was quite some discussion about goals yesterday – they would need to be defined in the manifest.

The scope of the Ecosystem Technical Fellowship is builders (engineers) from the ecosystem, e.g., members of the engineering team of parachains or other ecosystem projects.

People can be in both fellowships, e.g., a parachain CTO who also regularly spends some of their time to actively work on core protocols/the relay chain. I suppose that these cases will be rare.

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@torsten please check out this thread w/ the workshop notes → Polkadot Summit - Ecosystem Technical Fellowship Workshop Notes