Milestone 1 Status Update & Next Steps: OpenZeppelin x Polkadot Ecosystem Growth

Hello Polkadot Community!

Luca here from OpenZeppelin :wave:

We’re excited to share the latest developments from OpenZeppelin’s ongoing project with the Polkadot ecosystem. As you may know, following the approval of Referendum #105 and the successful start of our first milestone, we’re now deep into the development of the first generic parachain runtime template.

What We’ve Achieved So Far:

  • We’ve put together a stellar team of 3 engineers, supported by a project manager and our CTO, to lead the charge on this ambitious project.
  • Our public GitHub repository is now live, hosting the roadmap and progress of our deliverables.
  • We’ve initiated weekly sprints, and we’re collaborating closely with the Parity team to align our goals and tackle any roadblocks.

We Need Your Insight and Expertise:

We want to gather as much feedback and insights from the entire Polkadot community. Your input is crucial in guiding the development of these templates, and we invite everyone to contribute:

  • Share your feedback on specific GitHub issues.
  • Suggest features or ideas by opening issues in our repository.
  • Share any general comments by replying to this forum thread.

Our Immediate Roadmap:

We’re excited to share an updated overview of our upcoming deliverables for this funding period. We highly encourage visiting the dedicated milestone pages for more details. Please note that these milestones and our roadmap may adapt based on the feedback we get from the ecosystem. OpenZeppelin is committed to delivering:

For this milestone, our goal is to provide a basic Generic Runtime with underlying FRAME pallets. This runtime will be fully equipped with token support, enabling any project to quickly bootstrap a Substrate project. We’ve split this milestone into two deliverables to facilitate early community testing and feedback.

December 2023 - Deliverables:

  1. Runtime configured with all pallets found in cumulus/parachain-template.
  2. Incorporation of proxy and multisig configurations.
  3. Extensive developer documentation covering safe and responsible configuration adjustments for:
  4. Tokens/Balances
  5. Weights/Fees
  6. Support for XCM v3
  7. Parachain consensus

February 2024 - Deliverables:

  1. Implementation of Assets configuration.
  2. Adding Runtime-specific weights.
  3. Completion and refinement of documentation.
  4. Integration tests.

This first generic runtime aims to be feature-complete by the end of December 2023 and fully finished by the end of February 2024. However, it will remain unaudited during this period, and we advise against using it in production environments. Auditing processes will be addressed separately, as outlined in our initial proposal.

Overall Roadmap:

Our current progress aligns with the initial timeline proposed, but we remain ready to adapt as the needs of the ecosystem evolve.

Our ongoing plan is to introduce a new runtime every 6 months, encompassing the full spectrum of development, automated testing, security reviews, and comprehensive documentation and guides for all runtime capabilities and underlying FRAME pallets.

Anticipated timeline (subject to change based on ecosystem needs and feedback):

  • Generic Runtime and underlying FRAME pallets (current focus).
  • Smart Contract Runtime and underlying FRAME pallets.
  • DeFi Runtime and underlying FRAME pallets.
  • NFT Runtime and underlying FRAME pallets.

Quality and Security Assurance:

  • All code is maintained in public GitHub repositories, following rigorous review processes.
  • We’re developing comprehensive test suites for all runtimes, ensuring high code coverage and integration tests for key functions.

Looking forward to continuing to build secure and easy to use runtimes for the ecosystem. Your contributions and feedback are not just welcome, they’re essential.


Hey Luca and OpenZeppelin team!

Just wanted to give a thumbs-up for the project updates. Nice to see how we can track progress through your GitHub repo, and the weekly sprints sound like a good plan. Excited to see how the runtime templates unfold. Keep it rolling! :rocket:

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Looks like you’re off to a great start ! Can’t wait to see how the project will mature in 2024 ! :fire: :rocket: :raised_hands:

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