Community-Driven Tutorials, How-To Guides, etc

I have been working on a more comprehensive tutorial on how to open HRMP channels between parachains.

You can find it here:

I wanted to get this tutorial in front of the community as quickly as possible for two reasons:

  • So that I can get feedback on the content and iterate
  • And also, I think this tutorial is helpful for the community (the first step towards working with XCM with parachains!)

However, I did not know where would be the best place to share this tutorial.

I have posted it on Stack Exchange:

But that does not seem to be the right place for longer-form how-to guides.

I could post it on Medium but then how will the community know that such a tutorial exists?

Additionally, I would want my tutorial to be community-maintained - others can edit it, improve upon it, etc. so I can move on to other topics - Is there a better tool than HackMD for this?

Any thoughts on the best place to share grassroots tutorials, how-to guides, recipes, etc?


Great work on the tutorial @bruno
Maybe a good thing to add is the call data you used in the tutorial to be decoded.

Building recipes is important for new developers coming into Polkadot. It would be great to have a section on Polkadot’s wiki page. Github source


Great tutorial Bruno,
And really interesting opening this discussion, after work in some tasks I have been documenting the process too, and I agree with you this documents may be useful for the rest of the community.

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I love this initiative. I think this could be a good starting point for sharing guides and tutorials that we could eventually put into a common good repository for everyone in the ecosystem. Here’s another to add to the list:

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Just came across this workshop by @hoonkim: GitHub - hoonsubin/sub0-xvm-workshop. It’s a workshop that goes over using XVM to control ERC20 tokens from a Substrate native account.

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Sharing a short guide I made a couple months ago for minting an NFT collection on Rockmine (<0.9.37, using the uniques pallet) and claiming it using the claimnft UI: Create a simple collection of POA NFTs on Rockmine - HackMD

Also this guide for migrating ink! contracts to ink! 4.0 : GitHub - Cardinal-Cryptography/ink4-migration: Guide for migrating contracts and frontends to ink4 :eyes: