Polkadot <> Kusama Bridge

Opening this thread to provide updates and gather ecosystem feedback on the incoming Polkadot <> Kusama bridge :bridge_at_night:

Some P<>K bridge updates


  • BridgeHubRococo parachain (BHR) and BridgeHubWococo parachain (BHW) merged to cumulus and live on Rococo and Wococo - the live runtimes include all bridge pallets with full functionality
  • Bridge Relayers are deployed and live for bridging BHR<>BHW
  • Asset transfer fully working between Rockmine2 and Wockmint - not yet merged because Rockmine2 is actually Statemine runtime code deployed on Rococo so we will only be able to merge this after full audit - but the custom runtimes are deployed on live R<>W from this branch
  • Bi-directional asset transfers use XCM Reserve Asset Transfer underneath, but are exposed through transfer_asset_via_bridge extrinsic/call from the bridge-transfer pallets deployed on both Rockmine2 and Wockmint
  • TLDR is R<>W bridge fully up and running, including asset transfer between Rockmine2<>Wockmint
  • Security audit is under way; once we finish that, we want to run a public bug bounty on R<>W bridge


  • BHP and BHK system parachains are live producing empty blocks (no bridging pallets deployed yet)
  • BHP and BHK runtimes full bridging configuration is done (PR here) currently pending review and security audit
  • Statemine and Statemint runtime changes are also ready (PR here) currently pending review and security audit
  • Full BHP & BHK development & deployment plan is detailed under this milestone
  • TLDR is once we complete R<>W security audit and Bug Bounty we’ll start deploying P<>K bridge


R<>W asset transfer demo coming very soon.


We have created this roadmap where each card is an important milestone containing all the juicy details within.

Big shout-out to the bridges team :heart: for all the good progress here, with a very special thanks to @bkontur and @svyatonik for delivering by the truckload :metal: