Technical Fellowship OpenDev Call 2023-12-19 - Notes

Notes from the December 2023 OpenDev call:

Small Updates

Big Updates

Polkadot 1.1

Polkadot 1.1 is about to be finished. It includes readiness for the Polkadot-Kusama bridge and several OpenGov payment improvements

Polkadot-Kusama bridge

BEEFY is getting ready for Polkadot. After validators rotate their keys to support BEEFY and it gets activated, the bridge is ready to be configured by OpenGov and then activated. It is projected that this can happen in January.

Follow for updates: Polkadot <> Kusama Bridge

OpenGov spending improvements

There is still some outstanding work to update confirmation times for OpenGov, which will come a bit later.


  • about to be deployed to Rococo, including a coretime chain, migration of leases
  • this will be a bare minimum version that could be deployed to Kusama at the beginning of next year
  • initial prices for coretime were discussed (see also this discussion). Gav feels the starting price can be as low as 200 DOT for a month
  • take note that a fixed number of cores is allocated from the relay to coretime sales. Initially, it could be 5 cores.
  • asked if there should be different rental periods, Gav strongly disagreed and suggested having only a fixed period of 4 weeks.

Ethereum bridge

  • there was a call regarding that last week
  • Rococo bridge should be quite possibly live this year
  • which would pave the way for the Ethereum-Kusama bridge to go live in January/February

Elastic Scaling

  • Q1 next year