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Philosophy (from Greek: φιλοσοφία, philosophia, ‘love of wisdom’)[1][2] is the systematized study of general and fundamental questions, such as those about existence, reason, knowledge, values, mind, and language.[3][4][5] Such questions are often posed as problems[6][7] to be studied or resolved.

One area that is generally not well serviced and yet is at the centre of these social systems is a space to discuss the philosophy of substrate and indeed of the various people, projects and emergent characteristics of the ecosystem.

Technology is one piece, but really it’s the people that make these things what they are, and people are wonderfully complex and nuanced things.

Quite often we tend to find tension, argument or misunderstand in some place, especially when it comes to the topic of governance - all substrate chains have.

This is also a central part of the issues surrounding the way current systems profit from division, rather than creating systems to make conversation more open and fluid, and it seems intuitive that the general concept of web3 is to be realised, then one outcome, should be better coordination and collaboration, rather than more flame wars.

So it would be useful and possibly fruitful to have an area to discuss, debate and understand different and often competing philosophies - personally, and collectively.

What is web3 afterall but a philosophy…

Section Name: philosophy

  • notions
  • ideas
  • concepts
  • principles
  • values


  • An area to discuss the core personal and collective philoshophies at the heart of substrate.

Example topics

  • What is Web3?

Am happy to be a moderator if that is needed.


I think at a high level, this is a great idea. I actually have a long post I want to paste here on my take on the philosophy of Polkadot (from my perspective), however, one of our goals with the forum is to keep a low number of sections.

Instead, I have created the “philosophy” tag for you, which you can add to any post, no matter which section it is written in.

You can get all threads with this tag here: Topics tagged philosophy

I hope this will be sufficient to start with, and if there are indeed a huge number of posts, then we can consider creating a section.


Sure thing sounds great and makes sense

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drop it Shawn :100: