Web 3 Association Sponsorship - Treasury Knowledge Resources

Hey all,

I’ve been working on the Web 3 Association creating resources to help with treasury systems.

More specifically I have been focussed on treasury disbursement so far and have been looking at areas such as the approaches that ecosystems could use for disbursement and what incentive design mechanisms can be used.

I’m intending to make a proposal to request funding in the week to help support further refinements and expand on this existing work and to also gather some funding that can be distributed to community members as an incentive to help refine and improve these resources with feedback that can then be used to look at how each ecosystem could explore changes or experiments to generate more impact with their treasuries.

The current roadmap for that proposal of work I will submit can be found here - Current roadmap plan - Web 3 Association

I’ve also seen the Decentralized Futures website recently which looks like a suitable option for my work, potentially under something like a low cost service agreement potentially, would be great to try and do something like that across the many ecosystems i’m trying to work with to spread the cost and help the wider industry.

Here to chat about anything and feel free to reach out, Telegram group for W3A is - Telegram: Contact @W3Association

Just submitted a W3F grants proposal here for anyone to provide feedback to - Web 3 Association Sponsorship 2023 grant proposal by lovegrovegeorge · Pull Request #2119 · w3f/Grants-Program · GitHub

UPDATE: This has now been submitted into the Decentralized Futures initiative instead after feedback this was a more suitable location for the proposal.