It's Time To Start Thinking About Marketing On Polkadot: Let's Kick Off The Discussion

Hi Everyone - Lots of interesting and insightful discussions here, really looking forward to making this happen as efficiently as possible!

I would like to highlight three specific areas:

TLDR; Create an environment for marketing to do … (you guessed it :slight_smile: …marketing.

One being target audience:

There is a big difference between marketing for developers and marketing for the broad market. We need to decide what we want to focus on or split the two communication areas.

Second being that we need marketing people to do marketing:

By that, I mean someone who understands audiences and how to create positive attention with the given understanding of crypto markets and the timing of certain releases. The most important skill is breaking down complexity and putting it in understandable language.

Third one being the structure and conditions under which those marketing people will work.

Creativity is a key point. It was mentioned before that you need to be quick and seize opportunites once spotted. Meaning the structure shouldn’t be overcomplicated, as this could lead to a work environment not suitable for high-performing marketing people.

Not saying this isn’t considered in any discussions here, but as a marketing person myself I honestly couldn’t bring myself to read the entire discussion here… :face_with_peeking_eye:

And guess what, neither will the broad market.

You can write 5000-word documents, but the true magic is breaking it down in a few words.

Thank you all for your combined efforts and I’m hyped to see where this leads us.

Again, just my 2 cents here :slight_smile:

Cheers, Flavio