Public good funding in Polkadot Ecosystem

Hello, I have been writing for Polkadot ecosystem for around 2 years but have not been paid any amount from the treasury. Recently I published around Jur Network that got some amazing response from the community.

In the last week, I posted an analysis regarding the tipping system in Gov1 on Polkadot and Kusama ecosystem. After a brief research I find out that 90 percent of the projects have been shut down. They are no longer building for our ecosystem.

It’s high time that we establish a donation platform or create a microgrants where we can fund these projects. Something similar to Gitcoin etc.

I opened this discussion of How we as a small project holder can sustain themselves without relying on treasury. All your ideas and suggestion are welcome.

Is it because free market did not sponsor them?
What’s wrong if we cut those noise writers?

We’ve been thinking of this., like small QF & CLR, as we’ve distributed over 1000 on-chain bounties with valuation over $0.6M to develop KodaDot - Polkadot NFT marketplace

Create something people would gain value, use & pay for, eh?

How do you came to that conclusion that they are noise writers. Did you present some stats and every project is not related to writers. some people had build validator dashboard, staking calculator and different stuff. I believe this projects need our support so they can present in the bear market.

If you are thinking about building this QF&CLR. Let me know happy to join and also can you provide some documentation where you have distributed 1000 on chain bounties to developer this marketplace.

You mentioned about “creating something people would gain value” This does not imply to the creator economy in the crypto ecosystem and If you are saying that you created something value, I see that you have asked for funding from Polkadot and Kusama treasury many times.

Sure, be my guest, it’s 1121 currently, look for the label paid. Before we got the system there was roughly another 300+

yes, we had served over 1M+ page views each month during the bull run. Probably valuable. Yes we’ve generated small revenue.

Yes, we’ve managed to have the greatest coordination system in Polkadot

Few underlying facts, We are among the top 22 L1 projects, not just Polkadot

We have currently the highest pace of development of all Polkadot projects, yet if you have more questions feel free to ask.