Polkadot Research


Just curious, has there been any thought of having polkadot sponsor / fund analyst research reports that appear on popular outlets such as Messari? May not be a bad way to bring in more attention.

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I believe there are already a few treasury grants from Polkadot treasury to Messari reports.


Not totally up to the newest/current setup, but looking back on the Messari proposal

This seems def something the council/treasury is very happy to support.
Maybe @RTTI-5220 can give more context?


Very interesting, did not realize their fee was public. I have spent quite a few years in capital markets sell side and buy side. So I am very tempted to do a deep dive research report of DOT, given the almost criminal lack of understanding about this ecosystem.

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This post [Creating the Messari of Dotsama is relevant.

What you’re talkiing about is paid for research from external orgs - the thing we should really be thinking more about is how we develop our own internal economy and research output that demonstrates the tools and leverages the ecosystem, rather than just paying for stuff that dates quickly.

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