Irina Karagyaur: Outline of Qualifications and Political Philosophy for Decentralized Voices: Cohort 2


Academic Background:

Bachelor of Architecture (BArch) and Master of Science (M.Sc.) in Urban Planning and Policy Design from Politecnico di Milano. Thesis title: “New Instruments for Reading Urban Dynamics in Contemporary Cities: Erlang Data as a Promising Tool for Micro-Scale Analysis of Urban Fabric.”

Professional Experience:

Blockchain and Web3 Expertise: My expertise covers ecosystem growth and development, community engagement, and project management. I specialize in communication, effectively advocating for technology and engaging with diverse communities.

Public Speaking and Advocacy: Over the years, I actively promoted blockchain technology through various speaking engagements and interviews, emphasizing the potential of decentralized systems and Polkadot for both builders and enterprises.

I have a keen eye for identifying emerging trends in technology and aligning them with business strategies. I have secured a number of strategic partnerships for the Polkadot ecosystem, the most recent being detailed at Polkadot Assembly Post #2291. Last but not least, I am the founder of the DOT4Business community and host monthly live conversations with founders and graduates of the Polkadot Blockchain Academy. These discussions aim to create awareness and build the business case for the Polkadot ecosystem.

Decentralization Advocate: I support decentralized technologies as a means to empower individuals and create more equitable systems. I believe in the potential of blockchain to redistribute power and spur innovation and creativity. I have public statements about these views at numerous conferences, including COP28 *please see and on the Digital Tools Panel. My philosophy is that technological advancements should be used to address societal issues, with technology serving as a catalyst for positive change across various sectors such as finance, governance, and communication. I advocate for diversity and inclusivity in technology, stressing the importance of involving a broad range of voices in the development of new technologies. (*please see Irina Karagyaur)

I uphold the principle that technological progress must align with sustainability goals, ensuring that new developments do not compromise the well-being of future generations. My human-centric views on decentralization and sustainability were highlighted at [AmsterDOT] and COP28.

Why I’m a Good Choice:

I am an engaged community member who consistently achieves consensus, actively participates in voting on proposals, and advocates for them. I serve as a curator and sub-curator for various bounties, including events, business development, and games. I participate actively in discussions of OpenGov proposals on various platforms, namely X, Polkassembly and Polkadot Forums. I have been a Polkadot Head Ambassador since August 2020 and am committed to continuing my involvement in the ambassador program and the ecosystem moving forward.

In summary, I believe my qualifications and strong political philosophy focused on decentralization, technological progress, inclusivity, and sustainability make me a reliable candidate for this program.


@Irina.Karagyaur’s dedication as an outspoken and positive ambassador for the Polkadot ecosystem shines through in her strategic approach to uniting the right stakeholders and identifying opportunities to grow Polkadot’s reach. From spearheading collaborative initiatives to fostering meaningful connections, she demonstrates a crucial understanding of how to navigate the ecosystem effectively. Notably, her advocacy for sustainability narratives adds an important dimension to the community, amplifying voices and driving real change.


I know Irina for several years. She has always been an advocate for Polkadot and the whole ecosystem. She has a great network inside and outside the ecosystem and I have never met anyone saying a bad word about her. All these connections and the constant work in the ecosystem make her extremely knowledgeable about everything happening in Polkadot and I believe she will be a diligent and fair DV.


I support Irina’s candidacy, she is a rarity, she was one of the few people outside of Brazil to believe and talk to our BD team and understand how the activity is here in Brazil!

She will be an excellent decentralized voice


I support Irina’s candidacy!



Can say Irina has been actively advocating and representing Polkadot ever since I came to know her.

She’ll be a good addition to DV :+1:t4:

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I have had several engagements with Irina though the Games Bounty and on X, intelligent, respectful & kind. I believe she would make a wonderful addition & am in support of her as a DV.


I’ve been lucky enough to know Irina for a long time. She has always put a lot of energy into making our community shine in very different environments. She also has an ability to connect technological potential with the different needs and realities of our world. Without a doubt, she can be the voice of our community.

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Irina has a very impressive history within the ecosystem. She expresses qualities that will make her a great candidate for DV. I support her for DV.

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You have my vote


It goes without saying that I will not use the voting power delegated to me to endorse proposals where I have a direct or indirect interest.

I believe we are at a very important point in ecosystem development, and we need to be more diligent and strategic about funding initiatives.


All the way Irina :100:

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Irina is very professional, community freindly and kind person I totally sponsor her :dna: .

I wholeheartedly support Irina for the Decentralized Voices program. Having observed her remarkable journey and contributions within the Polkadot ecosystem, it’s clear she is an exceptional candidate for this role.

Wish You get selected Irina. If You would need any insights or support, please feel more than welcome to hit me with dm’s.

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100% support Irina’s candidacy. She is an active Head Ambassador who engages frequently with the community and organizes/collabs with events to showcase Polkadot to a wider Web3 space (ArtsDAO Fest for example). This shows that she cares about the ecosystem deeply and understands what is needed for it to move forward.

I believe as a DV, Irina will make substantial contributions by providing insightful feedback and making decisions that benefit Polkadot as a whole.

Irina was one of the first women of Polkadot who stood out to me and inspired me in my journey when I just started. She is very active, smart and articulate. Impressed with her BD and communication skills. We need more active women in Polkadot and she is one of superstars for me.

I believe no one but her can have a clear judgement and make good decisions when it comes to proposals.

I support her all the way! :sunglasses:

I fully support Irina’s candidacy. She is one of the most hard working and passionate agents of the Ecosystem.

Irinia is well know for running BD and event focused initiatives. She is among those who keep bringing real partnerships to the Polkadot ecosystem. One of the most active Polkadot Ambassador. I am positive she’d be a great DV.

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