Decentralized Voices Program - My Profile & Political Philosophy

In this ever-evolving ecosystem like Polkadot, active participation and equitable representation are crucial to ensure sustainable development. As a committed member of the ecosystem, my philosophy and policy are based on the following key principles:

  1. Diverse Cultural and Political Perspective: My upbringing and life experience, shaped by growing up under communism and experiencing the transition to democracy, have given me a unique understanding of the importance of participation, open debate, and the pursuit of the common good. I’ve witnessed firsthand how different political systems can affect people’s lives and, as a result, I’m deeply committed to principles of transparency, inclusion, and justice in decision-making.

  2. Experience and Commitment: With over three years of experience in the ecosystem and more than a year as an ambassador, my commitment to the growth and prosperity of Polkadot is undeniable. I’ve dedicated time and effort to promoting workshops, events, and the onboarding of new businesses to the ecosystem, thereby contributing to its expansion and diversification.

  3. Promotion of Participation and Inclusivity: I firmly believe in the importance of fostering active participation and inclusivity within the Polkadot community. As an ambassador, I’ve worked to engage a wide range of stakeholders, from developers to entrepreneurs and enthusiasts, ensuring that all voices are heard and represented in the decision-making process.

  4. Curation and Analysis Skills: My focus on areas such as events, marketing, and business development enables me to be an effective curator of proposals in these areas, ensuring that only the most promising and beneficial initiatives for the community are supported. Additionally, my network and involvement in multiple communities provide me with a global and diverse perspective that enriches my voting decisions, ensuring they represent the interests and concerns of a wide range of users.

Ultimately, my goal is to collaborate with all members of the Polkadot community, regardless of their level of participation or experience, to build a stronger and more inclusive future for our ecosystem. I firmly believe in the power of decentralization and collaboration to drive innovation and progress, and I am committed to fostering an environment where all voices are valued and respected.

By receiving the delegation of votes from W3F, I not only assume personal responsibility but also accept the mandate to represent the aspirations of all community members. My commitment to transparency, integrity, and fairness will guide each of my voting decisions, and I will tirelessly work to ensure that the policies and proposals I support reflect the shared values and objectives of our community.

I am excited about what the future holds and look forward to contributing significantly to the ongoing success of Polkadot and its global community.


Full support to Georgi!

I’m very aligned with his ideas, that’s the reason Georgi is a great candidate.

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@Georgi has my support.

First I met him a few years ago. He is one of the most patient and persistent person in the ecosystem I’ve met. He also presented me good BD skills.

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