Inter Miami Event - Case Study

Hello Polkadot Community!

My name is Josiah Kotzur, the founder and CEO of DeStore.
At DeStore, we connect digital experiences to physical assets. Our Digital Twin claim cards, when combined with DeAR 1.0, offer a scalable solution for NFT redemption for people with no Web3 experience, without the need for an application download.

Please note not all of the brands named below have been made aware of this discussion, so if you know them, please invite them to this discussion so we can publicly get their feedback.

You can try our product DeAR 1.0 now via this link: Link

I recently had the opportunity to speak with Jordi Mompart from FC Barcelona, who was a panel speaker alongside representatives from Adidas and Mythical Games. Jordy’s feedback was extremely positive; he saw our solution as a potential way for Barcelona to issue NFTs via their ticketing system. Although Barcelona has not yet decided on a blockchain, after discussions with Mythical Games and witnessing the caliber of attendees at Decentralized Lugano, they are considering Polkadot.

Our solution is scalable, secure, and intuitive. We would like to hold an event at Inter Miami Football Club with the Inter Miami managers and the Polkadot community and get their feedback on how our solution can also be used on ticketing, shirts, and product packaging, opening up an opportunity for all merchandise to be verified and have redeemable NFTs attached to them.

We are keen to get involved with Inter Miami Football Club to conduct a case study with our Proof of Concept (PoC), DeAR 1.0. We aim to involve Inter Miami managers in Web3 and gather feedback on whether our solution could be used for free NFTs via the ticketing system and merchandise issued at the stadium.

Reading the room, I see significant opportunities. If we can provide a solid case study with a football club, we can use that case study to attract other clubs to use the same system, effectively onboarding millions of users via ticketing systems.


  • Mythical Games is connected to all the NFL teams in the USA via NFL Rivals, and all NFL stadiums use physical ticketing.
  • FC Barcelona is the third-largest football club with 250 million community members who just launched a successful Discord channel.
  • Sony is the main sponsor of Manchester United.
  • Astar is working with Tokyo Railway and Japan Airlines, all of which use ticketing systems.
  • Connor Daly has connections to the racing industry, which also uses physical ticketing.

However, there is one catch: our PoC was done on Polygon due to the accessible tools available, which allowed us to develop the PoC quickly with minimal capital and get feedback. However, our loyalty and direction remain Polkadot-first, and the case study is only to get feedback in order to refine the product we plan to launch on Polkadot.


This discussion aims to gauge if the Polkadot community would support this idea and help us connect with Inter Miami to organize an event in the allocated VIP room issued to Polkadot via the sponsorship of Inter Miami. Additionally, we seek support in applying for an event bounty to cover this case study to gauge the ease of use and if fans with no Web3 experience could claim the NFTs.

After the case study is done, we plan to make a proposal to the Polkadot treasury and open up the opportunity to one of the wallets of Polkadot, such as Nova, Talisman, or Sub-wallet, to offer us a Wallet as a Service (WaaS) solution so we can bring this to life and onboard the fans of Inter Miami to Polkadot.

Thank you for your consideration and support.

Josiah Kotzur
Founder and CEO, DeStore

Supporting Data:

  • NFL Stadiums:

    • Annual Attendance: Approximately 38,080,000 people.
    • Source: Data based on NFL attendance statistics from the 2022 season.
    • Details: Calculated from 32 teams each playing 17 games (16 regular-season games and 1 home game), with an average stadium capacity of 70,000.
    • Reference: Sports Business Journal, NFL official reports.
  • FC Barcelona Stadium (Camp Nou):

    • Annual Attendance: About 1,887,726 people.
    • Source: FC Barcelona official statistics and La Liga reports from the 2022-2023 season.
    • Details: Based on 19 home games with an average attendance of 99,354 per game.
    • Reference: FC Barcelona official website, La Liga statistics.
  • Inter Miami Football Stadium (DRV PNK Stadium):

    • Annual Attendance: Roughly 340,000 people.
    • Source: Major League Soccer (MLS) attendance statistics for the 2022 season.
    • Details: Calculated from 17 home games with an average attendance of 20,000.
    • Reference: MLS official reports, Inter Miami CF statistics.
  • F1 Racing Events:

    • Annual Attendance: Approximately 4,400,000 people.
    • Source: Formula 1 attendance reports for the 2022 season.
    • Details: Averaged from 22 events with an average attendance of 200,000 per event.
    • Reference: Formula 1 official website, Grand Prix attendance statistics.

Hello everyone. I wanted to tag relevant people for our discussion around this subject. Please leave us feedback or any constructive criticism on this subject. Suppose you are unaware of whom we are. In that case, we have been building in the Polkadot ecosystem for the last four years, selling the first Phygital NFT on TV with Discovery using Kusama. I’ve been in the Polkadot ecosystem since 2018 with the project Darwinia Network, a Polkadot Ambassador 2020. I have previously worked with Astar Network to add a little backstory about my identity. @ChrawnnaCorp @Leemo @ThePhunky1 @ScytaleDigital @asteeber @shawntabrizi @HopeClary @damo @Lucy


Thank you for tagging me @DustinLee

@Doinglifewell I watched the video and really like the concept. Unfortunately the experience didn’t work for me. I received a refresh fingerprint error and the refresh button didn’t work. I am using my iPhone. Please le t me know if you can take a look. This is very promising!



This sound good,
It would be a privilege to have you as a com that brings web3 experience easier for people around the world, and I hope Polkadot will consider this proposal seriously.


Amazing, I’m glad I contacted you; you seemed interested in this subject.

A couple of questions: did you line up the scanning tool around the whole fingerprint? Some times, if you don’t line up the fingerprint, it will scan correctly. Here is a photo, for example

Please take a screenshot of this error. Feel free to reach out, we can jump on a quick call if you need any help.

Thank you for trying our tool. Its a cool way to verify authenticated assets.

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Thank you @Abdulkatagum54!

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Hi there Dustin,

The things that I like about this project:

  • I tried the app and found the signup process easy.
  • Most sports venues have on ground ticketing infrastructure so an app that supports physical ticketing is smart.
  • The solution is aimed at improving the fan experience at football matches

A number of things in the proposal seem to hinge on whether the Inter Miami deal goes ahead. I was wondering if you feel that your project idea could still succeed without the Inter Miami deal and if so how? I am asking this because I am not one the community members working directly on the deal like Orsen and others. While I wish those people working on the Inter Miami deal every success, I also would not like to see all these other great Polkadot football projects fall by the wayside if the InterMiami deal is not approved by the community. This is why I am encouraging you to develop an approach that is deal independent and then perhaps you could have a section on all the great extra things you will be able to do if the Inter Miami deal goes ahead?


Seems it has different reactions based on the QR Code tool. Today I didn’t receive the same error, but have yet to get the NFT after putting in the code. Feel free to reach out on Telegram for a call if you would like. I will have some time next week. I think the idea, needs to be more consistent with QR Code models that are free. I am also thinking it is sensitive for the circle or maybe the stop button on the video is getting in the way of reading? Just a few bugs.


Hi @HopeClary,

Without seeing what happened, I typically find that people get stuck on the following points:

  1. Not allowing the website access to the camera and location, which is needed to scan the Smart fingerprint.
  2. Scanning too close, preventing the Smart fingerprint from being read correctly. The video above that @DustinLee posted shows the correct way.

We currently have an animation being made to reduce any friction from the latter point.

Regarding the QR code, the issue is that QR codes are easily hackable, which poses a problem when dealing with NFTs and verifying the RWA. The solution we have presented is as secure as an NFC chip, only it’s more scalable. That being said, our solution is built for product verification and NFT redemption. A lighter-weight solution could be made, but it would depend on the brand holder—in this case, Inter Miami—and the level of security they require.


@damo, thank you for reviewing our discussion and for your positive support.

Our product has been built as a scalable solution for e-commerce brands, with commerce as our primary focus. We are in discussions with Japan’s largest fulfillment company, e-logit.

Our success does not rely on Inter Miami; however, if we can access them, it would be a win for the entire Polkadot community.

The Inter Miami proposal Ref644 has passed, and now it is just a matter of us engaging the community to support us so we can get the opportunity to present our product and open up the discussion with the club.

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Hi @Doinglifewell,

Thank you so much for replying! I want to reiterate that I believe your product has great promise!!!

Regarding product delivery it will need some fine tuning. Consider thousands of people using the product on game day and having to explain to half of them how to use it to get in, or get what the application is intended to provide? It would be a bit of a mess. One of the considerations specifically for Inter Miami I was proposing, is to have a big booth in the courtyard, with all different interactive products, from gaming to this (your product). Let it get stress tested and gain feedback for tweaks/bug fixes, upgrades.

On my 1 QR scan the circle kept swirling I waited over 2 minutes… Most people will not have patients for that. It worked fine on my other QR scan, but NFT never came up. It kept opening up in my Safari browser instead of in the QR app itself, so maybe its a bug within Apple products? Maybe it is the area of the world I am in, USA Miami metro area? Ease of use should be the target. This product is much needed, so I hope you can get these things ironed out. I am here to try again if you need me!

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Please take a look at the photos of the courtyard I am referring too.

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@HopeClary, thank you so much for your positive feedback and photos! I didn’t realize you were there in real life, that’s awesome!

Yes, we need to refine more and find the perfect fit for the product. We can issue QR codes that link to the wallet directly. This would be a lot faster and might be a better product-market fit for the tickets themselves, but maybe not suitable for merchandise or physical collectibles. One thing I have noticed is that at real-life events, people actually don’t want to do anything like you said, and a lot of the claiming is done at home the next day or so.

Would you be interested in helping with us on this? We could even send you a few packs of Digital Twin Claim Cards to get a feel for them and, if you feel comfortable, hand them out. Essentially, they are really nice physical cards with an NFT that can be claimed.

Here is a set we did for Gavin Woods’ papers with GBM auctions:

And these are our business cards:

I have created this QR code; it bypasses our verification system. We will need more info from the club; however, for a disposable ticket, this could be fine.


@Doinglifewell That was a much better seamless experience. I would be happy to help you with this. Let me know the best way for us to get in touch. As an FYI, the courtyard at Inter Miami is an interaction experience in the stadium on game day. I have video, so when we get in contact I am open to share it, so you have a broader understanding. The one photo with Publix is actually a video of a large booth area that has over 4 different activities going on for people to try. I shared the videos with my Games Bounty team mates, because I envision a interactive games session play. There are kids as young as 7 running around, so if there are product collaborations for such an age bracket, like the Pudgy Penguins, it could be a good fit. Just some top of mind things, as your ETH, Polkadot, Jam and DeStore cards are stunning!

Look forward to connecting,

P.S. - I will be attending Decoded, if you will be there, lets make a point to connect!


Awesome @HopeClary, 100%! Let’s do it!

I’ll be there as well. Do you know anyone from Inter Miami that I could talk with about seeing if we can use their logo for a product sample? If I can get that, I can print out a few hundred or so to give to you at Decoded to take back, and I can also hand out some there for feedback as well.

I can also see if we can get a booth at decoded and hand them out. I think Inter Miami should send over some swag to put on display to help the community feel more involved.

Do you know if anything like that is happening already, if not maybe we could lead it.

Please reach out to me on Telegram: @doinglifewell


Hi @Doinglifewell,

Right now there is a team working on the contract negotiations with Inter Miami. Let’s give them a little bit of time to get done, these things take time to get finalized. What is the Leadtime to get this turned over? I will reach out via Telegram.


Hi! First of all very interesting proposal! I hope it will gain some traction!

Second, you write:

This caught my eye. Why would you prototype on another chain, if you are actually interested in Polkadot? If you could share more details on what made you go with Polygon for the PoC, that might be really helpful feedback to improve developer experience on Polkadot. E.g. if you were familiar with Solidity and such, why did you not go for Moonbeam? What exactly made it easier/more straight forward to go to Polygon?

Thanks a lot for the feedback!

All the best and good luck!

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Hi @eskimor,

thanks for the comment and positive energy!

Firstly I would like to highlight that we have been building for 3+ years on Substrate, self-funded, and had to slightly pivot as our logic and understanding of the crypto adoption movement matured. You can find our beta marketplace here: DeStore Marketplace.

We sold the first opal in the metaverse on the Discovery Channel in 2022 and tokenized a Sony speaker for Sony on Astar (Substrate) in 2023.

Because of the exposure on the Discovery Channel, we are selling many opal necklaces. Many want one with this new thing called an NFT, but the barrier to entry is way too high; signing up to an exchange, transferring coins to wallets, and connecting to a dApp is too hard for people.

So we decided to relook at our solution and target what we call “no-coiners,” someone without coins, with a web 2 experience. We found we could build a PoC for 14k USD on Polygon in 2 weeks with options like Google login, login, and biometric login out of the box with fully audited code. To do the same on Polkadot would cost between 50-100k and take months of time.

Now we can test the PoC, make adjustments, and bring a tested and working product to the Polkadot community rather than an idea on the back of a napkin.

There are also many wallets-as-a-service companies, which are really needed as our product is not a wallet, but no-coiners need a wallet to receive our product.


Nice! :slight_smile:

Where does the difference come from though? I understand if you want to go all parachain then the cost will certainly be higher than with smart contracts, but you did not go with Moonbeam either, so there must be more. I am currently finalizing the roadmap for the second half of 2024, any insights into where we are currently lacking, making even people who are already on Polkadot look elsewhere would be hugely valuable.

So thanks a lot for the feedback! Also I am hijacking that thread a bit, feel free to DM me to keep the discussion here on topic.

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Sure, here is the corrected version of your text:

It’s okay @eskimor, I can give a breakdown here. Thirdweb offers lots of tools. Polkadot development mainly relies on interacting directly with each chain. However, we are finding that there are a lot of tools that require no code or APIs, so it changes everything. Such tools allow reiterations of the product to be done very fast and by developers with minimal experience.

Also, there are a lot of builders on Polkadot, but I’m not sure if there is one platform that displays all the tools available. I guess GitHub does, however, you need to dig and know exactly what it is you are looking for. By not knowing the tool exists, you may build the tool, effectively wasting your resources.