Decentralized Futures - DeAR 1.0 - Connecting Physical Assets with Digital Experiences through NFTs

DeAR 1.0: Connecting Physical Assets with Digital Experiences through NFTs


Project Name: DeStore - DeAR 1.0
Tagline: Unlock your Web3 Future

Check out our Solution for Brands entering Web3.0.

Brief Description

DeStore’s vision is to be a marketplace for decentralized and open commerce on Polkadot. Check out our marketplace and the first Tokenized Sony Product on Astar for the Sony Demo Day. On that journey, we discovered that user adoption of Web3 wallets is a significant challenge. We developed DeAR 1.0, an innovative wallet that facilitates easy onboarding and NFT redemption for users without Web3 experience. Our solution is highly scalable and offers a seamless connection of digital experiences to physical assets. This solution is ideal for events such as ticketing and physical merchandise and does not require application downloads or tech integration with existing e-commerce platforms. NFTs can be easily redeemed simply by scanning with any mobile device, effectively onboarding new users to the ecosystem with each NFT redemption.

Check out our Product Video.

DeAR Integration with Substrate/EVM Chains

DeAR 1.0 Proof of concept (PoC) is currently on Polygon as it was the easiest chain to build on using, a Wallet as a Service provider. This proposal seeks to deploy DeAR 1.0 on four Polkadot Parachains. DeStore can open up a whole new onboarding experience for new users, leveraging the scalability and interoperability of Polkadot. DeAR will allow large brands to onboard their community into Web3 and enable marketing grants such as Inter Miami and Connor Daly to directly onboard new users.


Our team is dedicated to simplifying the adoption of Web3 technologies to offer a self-sovereign solution for all users. By building on Polkadot, DeAR 1.0 aims to provide a robust, secure, and user-friendly platform for brands wanting to enter Web3 and encouraging broader acceptance and usage of decentralized technologies.

Key Features

  • NFT Redemption: Seamless process for redeeming NFTs linked to physical assets.
  • User-Friendly: Designed for users with no prior Web3 experience.
  • Scalability: Utilizes Polkadot’s scalable infrastructure for efficient transactions.
  • Interoperability: Integration with Substrate/EVM chains.
  • No eCommerce Integration Required: NFTs can be redeemed by scanning with any mobile device, bypassing the need for tech integration with existing e-commerce platforms.


  • Mythical Games: Connected to all NFL teams in the USA via NFL Rivals, with all NFL stadiums using physical ticketing.
  • FC Barcelona: The third-largest football club with 250 million community members who just launched a successful Discord channel.
  • Sony: Main sponsor of Manchester United.
  • Astar Working with Tokyo Railway and Japan Airlines, all of which use ticketing systems.
  • Connor Daly: Connections to the racing industry, which also uses physical ticketing.

Ecosystem Fit

DeAR 1.0 is a pioneering solution within the Polkadot ecosystem, enhancing user engagement and expanding the utility of NFTs. It effectively allows new users to be onboarded via real-world assets and experiences.

Target Audience:

  • Event organizers and ticketing systems
  • Merchandisers and product packaging developers
  • General consumers with no Web3 experience

Needs Addressed:

  • Simplifying NFT redemption
  • Enhancing engagement through digital experiences
  • Verifying and securing merchandise authenticity

Potential Impact for Polkadot

DeAR 1.0 can be used to onboard major sports clubs and organizations’ community members to the Polkadot ecosystem.


  • Inter Miami Football Club: Hosting an event to demonstrate the solution and gather feedback. See our discussion here.
  • FC Barcelona: Exploring integration with their ticketing system to issue NFTs to their vast community.
  • F1 Racing (FIA): Providing redeemable NFTs at global F1 racing events for an enhanced fan experience.
  • eCommerce: By providing this scalable solution for NFT redemption, we can effectively onboard new users via eCommerce channels, offering Polkadot NFTs on major eCommerce platforms such as Shopify and WooCommerce.

Future Plans


  • Conduct a case study with Inter Miami Football Club See Polkadot Forum Discussion
  • Gather feedback from the Polkadot community via our existing PoC
  • Refine and enhance DeAR 1.0 based on user insights
  • Deploy DeAR on the parachains of 4 Polkadot chains:
    • Energy Web
    • Moonbeam
    • Mythos
    • Astar


  • Scale the platform within the Polkadot ecosystem
  • Expand the toolset to support a wider range of physical assets
  • Offer a no-code solution for brands wanting to offer NFTs to their communities
  • Develop a Digital Twin Minting standard compatible with Digital Product Passports
  • Deploy a solution on JAM for decentralized open commerce


Team Leaders:


Contact Name: Josiah Kotzur

Legal Structure

Entity: Metarock Pty Ltd trading as DeStore, registered in the BVI
Business Address: 440 Goonengarry Road, Byron Bay, Australia


I wanted to include our previous milestones and socials here so everyone can know what’s moving and shaking with DeStore!

  • Sold the 1st Phygital NFT on TV with Discovery in the Metaverse. Watch here
  • Participated in the Sony x Astar Network Incubation Program - Link
  • Joined Polkadot Relayers 2023 - Watch here
  • Onboarded to Astar Build2Earn Program - Link
  • Onboarded to InvArch Network DAO Staking - Link
  • Working on POC of 1oz Silver Dogecoins similar to Bitcoin Casascius - Link
  • Joined Decentralized Lugano to release POC badges for all attendees - Link
  • Collaborated with GBM for the auction of Gavin Wood’s technical papers with a Phygital twist - Link

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