Improving Transparency in OpenGov

This thread is intended to gather input on how to improve transparency in OpenGov

As part of the Polkadot Ecosystem Development Strategy, improving accountability, transparency, and auditability are some of the highest-ranking requests.

Accountability starts with the proposal:

  • Proposers should be asked to provide information in the proposal that makes it possible to get in contact with them
  • Proposers should be nudged to make offers that are easily auditable
  • Proposers should be nudged to commit to providing regular and transparent updates in a way that is easily verifiable

Accountability can then be achieved if we have processes in place to follow up on past proposals and have a feedback loop that allows us to learn from past spends and iterate.

I am currently in the process of gathering inputs and will present a draft for “Proposal standards and KPIs” before the end of the month. This standard will be presented to OpenGov participants with the suggestion to enforce it over proposers.

Open to any kind of input!

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There is need for more accountability from proposals, but also there needs to be more accountability from members of the decentralized voices program (eg. ChaosDAO).

As for proposals I think there needs to be a template created for different types of proposals which can act as a baseline for proposers (eg. Marketing Template, Project development template, Integration Template and so on…)

This is no easy topic! I believe there is scrutiny on both sides of this topic. Delivering on services requested to me is the number 1 issue of this topic. Second is performance, or KPI’s depending on the industry you’re referring too. I believe these items are complicated because there needs to be a separate governance structure after approval. Auditing, judging deliverables and working with people when pivots are required will become a full time job, or at the very least a part-time job to uphold. my 2 cents.


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