OpenGov - Improvements on the technical level

Good Morning!

I am gathering input on which technical improvements could be made to OpenGov, so that we can use them as a base of discussion with core developers.

Some ideas from early inputs that I see:

Feel free to discuss or add your own ideas of what should be improved with OpenGov.

BTW: If someone knows by chance what the progress on Sub-Treasuries is, that would also be appreciated (are they on any roadmap? progress? ticket id?)


They are implemented and in the runtime :slight_smile:

Tracking ticket here, they really just need a UI to support them. The Fellowship one in particular needs a proposal to the main Treasury to fund it. I know @Muharem is working on more docs, we should really have tutorials to cover a few user stories.



Enabling governance with funds delegated to nomination pools will enable more small DOT holders to participate in OpenGov. It is already being worked on:


Based on the earlier discussions, these are the Fellowships I’d like to see forming:

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I’d like to propose “dynamic referenda tracks” in Kusama(ability to add and edit tracks without runtime upgrades) and following that it’s in my personal roadmap to propose that we should be able to edit the preimage during preparation period to adapt a proposal based on received feedback.

Idea from Suggestions for improving governance as a process

  1. The preparation time for larger spending tracks could be extended to a mandatory period of 7 days on Kusama and perhaps 14 on Polkadot. This would show on-chain intent and allow for discussion. Considering that votes are allowed during preparation it could also afford early signalling. We could in kind reduce some proportional voting time for the decision phase.
  2. During the preparation phase, the proposer should be able to change spending tracks and/or adjust the spend amount lending on community feedback. With either change, existing votes should be cleared. Track/spend changes can be limited to once every x blocks to prevent abuses.

We really need to shorten the spend period. Waiting up to 24 days is not conducive to business and blindsides people who are unfamiliar with OpenGov.