Community suggestions for the OpenGov on Polkadot

With the successful approval of Referendum 121, we have officially entered a new governance phase for the Polkadot Network. This exciting milestone marks the upgrade to v9420 and the inclusion of OpenGov.

To ensure an inclusive and collaborative process, this post is an open invitation to the community to share your thoughts, suggestions, and requests for the new model. Whether it’s proposing changes to parameters, voting periods, confirmation periods, enactment periods, or suggesting new tracks, we’re eager to hear your ideas.

For your convenience, here are some valuable resources to help you navigate OpenGov effectively:


So is this 1:1 the same as what is on Kusama?

Although the underlining mechanism remains consistent, there are variations in parameters such as the decision period, deposits, thresholds, etc. These differences ensure a tailored approach for each chain.

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While I would want to ask people to delegate their votes to me for spending tracks, I am hesitated to do so.

I am a developer and able to evaluate the technical aspects of the proposals. For example, determine if a grant to pallet development is reasonable or not. But I don’t want to evaluate other kinds of proposals, such as marking spending or events spending. I don’t have a lot of idea if the asking amount is appropriate or not.

But if I am asking people to delegate their votes to me on spending tracks, that will imply I will evaluate all the spending proposals, technical or not and that’s not something I am comfortable with.

In fact, there won’t be many individuals that have the ability to evaluate all kinds of proposals.

Maybe we should break the spending tracks further?

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What is less well known is delegation is also a legal liability headache - when you delegate your votes to an entity, you delegate your votes, but not your liabilities.