Dwellir demo of PHP support for Kilt and web3name login to Nextcloud

Dwellir is happy to announce our delivery of A php wrapper for Kilt SDK and Nextcloud authentication plugin which adds capability to use your web3name with Kilt protocol in your favourite PhP projects.

A demo-site is up with Nextcloud, where you can try it out yourself. Get your web3name and rock on.

The link to the demo site can be found in the motion. Anyone with a web3name should be able to login and try it out. Its amazing to be able to use Polkadot+Kilt as a global registry for login and really shows the potential of this!

Here is a video on how it works

This is just another step for Dwellir pushing web3 into related ecosystems and how we connect with other communities that shares the decentralized vision.

Dwellir will continue to pursue projects like this. We want to be a strong provider of private, decentralized infrastructure solutions and we are currently working to be able to offer private LXD clouds to developer teams out there - perfectly fitted for development of web3 tools. This solution will be fully enabled to run (not only) Nextcloud but also integrates with all the needed tools for providing web3 and blockchain solutions. We don’t know exactly when we can start shipping this service, but we are getting closer.

Meanwhile, enjoy the demo and keep expanding.

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