Dwellir vikings are decentralizing into africa

Three months has passed since our last post from Dwellir: Dwellir - introducing ourselves

Its a cold winter in Sweden.

In my last post, I highlighted Dwellirs ambition to decentralize and build a stronger web3 infrastructure. This is critically important for the viability of the ecosystem.

We are proud to deliver on that promise. Dwellir opened our first Polkadot and Kusama nodes in the Northen Africa - Tunisia just before Christmas as we sailed with our viking ship with servers all the way across the high seas just to land on the shores of Tunisia. Our long haired intern Marcus got them up and running a few days later while our CEO was getting wasted in the hotel bar. Normally we try to pillage some (basically do our Viking thing) - but we had to sail back for Midvinterblot.

If you think putting Viking servers in Tunisia was enough, you were wrong. This is a conversation after returning to the shores of Sweden.

– Nigeria is next! said our CEO Gustav Nipe!
– But that is absurd Gustav! West Africa is Faaaaar away and they might not even have beer!?
– Scramble your swords and get servers, we are sailing! This will be a great adventure! Get our intern ready and prepare to deploy.

So, yes. Said and done - In a month or so - Dwellir will deploy our servers and fire up some Polkadot nodes in Nigeria! Decentralize more!

Finally, while our team is out traveling on the high seas, the rest of us are working relentlessly on our future “Private Cloud” offering. We hope all developer teams out there in the Polkadot ecosystem will love to try this out.
In the coming months, we hope to be able to write more on this topic, but the short story is that we aim to allow developer teams to use and deploy pretty much any web3/polkadot workload into their own private Linux container cluster - perfectly tuned for web3 projects all maintained and ran by Dwellir.
Basically, Dwellir will host your private cloud (in your DC or ours) and assist you with all details getting up to speed. How this is all put together and what the value proposition for the team looks like is something we will get back to you on in more details later.

Love to hear back from you!


Wow! Which cities in Nigeria?

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We are starting up i Lagos.