Introducing KILT Protocol - An identity protocol

KILT is a blockchain identity protocol for issuing self-sovereign, decentralized identifiers (DIDs) and verifiable credentials. KILT provides practical, scalable, secure identity solutions for enterprises and consumers.
You can learn more about KILT on our website or head straight to the docs.


We released a couple of services that are build on KILT.


SocialKYC is an attestation service that connects your social accounts to your DID. You can e.g. proof that you own a GitHub account and a Telegram account. When interacting with people this gives more trust in who you talk to. E.g. when I talk to someone on telegram and they refer to their github account, I can make sure that the person is owning that account and not simply linking to a random account.


Sign any files or documents using your DID. You can attach credentials to the signature, so that the verifier not only knows which DID signed the document, but also receives additional information (e.g. telegram/discord handle, github account, ā€¦). You can also put a remark on the Spiritnet proving that you had possession of those documents at that specific point in time. This could be useful to prove that you had information first (or you were first to sign it).


Attach a friendly name to your DID which can be used in place of your DID and is a more convenient way to share your DID.

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