DV: hitchhooker


Im yet another tommi. I would like to apply as a DV for polkadot and kusama.
to tell my background in crypto briefly. I joined to #bitcoin@freenode around 2009 slightly before the first executables were released since my friend told me that my overclocked pentium4 would beastly be able to print money.
well that money had absolutely no value, at least to me, and there was no way for my friend to hammer in my mind that it would have a use and value in the future. i had grown up in actually functional wealth fare state and saw no need for separation of state and money. some time forward I end erasing bitcoin and its keys out of existence. Supreme Commander was clitching due to burnt GPU as a result of overclocking.

i believe i only learnt about money and its value proposal between 2013 and 2016 when I end up traveling the world borderline moneyless, hitchhiking enormous distances(~20k km) in multiple continents. i got quite involved in freegan lifestyle for a while contributing to hitchwiki, nomadwiki, trustroots and trashwiki. I got involved in crypto again around 2016 when hype was building around ethereum and its 15hz world computer.

I even hitchhiked from zurich to zug riding ferrari for the first Aragon One Con. catch up about decentralized autonomous organizations and collectively monetizing realtime data with streamr network. i think in this eye opening event(most people out of touch with reality…) I realized that building this future on top of ethereum wasn’t going to be possible. I have been actively ever since trying my best to contribute for polkadot protocol mainly by running validator nodes on kusama and contributing to infrastructure tooling as much i’m capable of.[1] [2] [3] [4]

last year I relocated from Lissabon to Bangkok to become infrastructure provider for SEA region as part of the IBP syndicate. it very much occupies my full time and a bit extra on top of that, but works also as a driver for participating in governance. another driver I have is the projected 4 degree increase in global climate by the end of the century. especially in this region its inevitably going to cause misplacement and havoc at scale. robust and efficient tools to organize has to be in place, when the current corrupt structures inevitably began to fall here.

im somewhat doubtful that just scaling technological development will allow us to stabilize the planet. we are already very much peaking in terms of hardware(single silicon atom 0.2nm and processes just ~10x of that), so software efficacy is going to crucial, which is also the reason im balls deep in with polkadot over other similar protocols.

to put it short my voting policy is measured in centuries. I’m driving for long term functionality. I want to see Polkadot becoming protocol of protocols. solve bgp routing and other decentralized protocols that still drag in the 90s. main focus of governance spends should go towards attracting developers and building the required tooling and infrastructure to enable any human being to program, interact and manage service accounts. i dont think we are there yet to market protocol itself to the masses, but we should focus attracting those developers see blockchains wasteful and unapplicable to build on. the main product we have is secured block space and its really niche group of people that have use for it as of now.

polkadot id: 1Qrotkokp6taAeLThuwgzR7Mu3YQonZohwrzixwGnrD1QDT
kusama id: EtommijqrHDFWFvBxP515oUbkXx9vK2qohzrmwpCXbU7Yx2

earlier votes on kusama done directly with validators(now delegated):