Decentralized Voices Program - six

Hello All!

Most people know me as “six”, I am a hacker since my teenage years, entrepreneur since 2019 and an efficient mediator. I value freedom and individuality over centralization.

I started with Bitcoin in 2013 at Hackerspace Budapest - since then I saw many projects becoming, rising, failing and succeeding. During these years I developed clear ideas on what make projects, proposals, initiatives successul. My competencies are focused on the combination of deep technical skills and IT business development.

As a Polkadot Head Ambassador my work is to help to ecosystem grow and become more organized.

My personal on-chain activity is on the following account: 15fHj7Q7SYxqMgZ38UpjXS8cxdq77rczTP3JgY9JVi5piMPN

With my team at CCTF DAO, we also participate on OpenGov since it got live in Polkadot. You can find all our votes, comments and proposals on the following on-chain identity: 123LuJKS65HaBbLSdDS46ByeC7bvQwA1iUhTpmjigQAfUKpK

What will happen if votes are delegated to me?
It will actually make sense to vote more rather than just engaging in discussions, communicating with proposers and whales. The power given to me would be used to help shape Polkadot with better decisions, specifically regarding BD and non-tech related decisions. All of my votes would come with clear reasonings - the kind of comments that support the proposers to make their documents better regardless of outcome. My goal is to help everyone honestly interested in Polkadot.

What you can expect from me:
0. Stay as a voice of Polkadot (I am already one of the most active Head Ambassador).

  1. Weekly activity on OpenGov, providing support on improving proposals (discussions, votes).
  2. Propose ways for improved process on evaluation of proposals.
  3. Mediate between proposers, ayers and nayers - be assertive rather than generating even more meaningless drama, also in case of drama I am here to deescalate.
  4. BD and legal focused decision making on my votes.

Thank you for considering my application:
six / David Pethes


I believe Six would be a great candidate for DV, due to his understanding of the ecosystem and the effort he puts towards stewarding it as a Head Ambassador and advancing it through his own projects and supporting the work of others. I have met him at PBA HK and spent five weeks working closely together, so I can also attest to his character and commitment to growing the Polkadot ecosystem, as well as knowledge about how to get things done in Polkadot…


Thank you! It was a pleasure working together and I am looking forward to future collabs!

My buddy from the PBA, Six, possesses a remarkable potential as a candidate for Decentralized Voices due to his profound expertise in Polkadot technology and its ecosystem. His strong belief in Web3 and its broader implications for the world can resonate not only within the Polkadot community but also across various crypto environments and among non-crypto users. This could ultimately facilitate greater adoption of the technology.

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Six actions speak louder than words, he has been an engine that made projects possible, and not related with DV, but anyone willing to help organize meetups and small events using funds from their own pockets like Six earns A++ reputational points imo

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Six is a great candidate for DV, as he is deeply involved in the ecosystem; he always looks for the best to Polkadot. I met him in Hong Kong and saw his passion to help the community.

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If it weren’t for Six, I wouldn’t be here today in the Polkadot ecosystem. He led the way as a Head Ambassador and introduced me to the whole web3 space as well. He is an active member of the community. I totally support you, Six, in becoming a decentralized voice. :slight_smile:

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Out of 12 people who said they wanted to start something serious, Gabo was the only one who set on the journey with me in 2023 January. It started with Bali and so many things have happened since!

Thank you for the lasting and strong support, trust! This is mutual!

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Thank you Mario! We basically met each other on most of all important events since PBA. Great being connected. Dubai next?

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Thank you @LUI5 , I appreciate your support!

Oh yes, the PBA buddy program. :slight_smile: It was great to meet, thank you for your support!

Six is my good friend from PBA. He has my full support in being a DV. He has a strong sense for justice and is someone of high integrity. He is honest and not someone that cuts corners. He has my full support and many of us in PBA fully support him.

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