Decentralized Voices: Cohort 2 – SuperDupont

Hello everyone,

1/ Who am I ?

I’m pushing my application to DV cohort #2.
I’m CM/Head Ambassador at Bifrost and a shrimp voter in the Polkadot Gov. I’ve also participated in many crowdloans, so i’m basicly involved in many projects that i personally support as token holder (shrimp one). So yes, i love Polkadot and its teams.

My Polkassembly profile (i can also use my vDOT in OpenGov so it won’t be tracked with my address on Polkadot):

My X/Twitter account:

If i’m chosen, i will abstain on any Bifrost related refs and won’t NAY competitors obviously as per the edicted W3F rules.

2/ My vision for OgenGov

I’m a community man. So i won’t deny the fact that i will listen the community.

That doesn’t mean i will always vote in the wind direction, but i do think community matters. The little voices also have their importance. They are the users, we have to take care of the users.

I’d like to mention which are the people i follow for governance topics or the people that inspire me for the global understanding of the ecosystem.

Recently i really liked Dakota’s budget vision for the governance, i invite everyone to read the post:

I embrace this vision that the Treasury should be used a little for everything, avoiding the « All-in Builders » and then « the All-in Marketing » phases we had in the past.
It has to be balanced, a little of everything is good for the eco.

I also embrace and would like to embrace the Guidelines for DVs listed by Goku:

I personally think this is wisdom. It’s a hard way to follow and persist in, but it is the only way.

As for the current DVs, i’m pretty much often very aligned with Saxemberg. I think it’s one of the most professional voice in the eco, explaining his votes with rationale and respecting other member decisions.

As a lighthouse in the eco, i’m a huge fan of Tommi (Alice_und_bob) obviously, his questions are pertinent, he’s a talented man to educate the crowd (like Bill Laboon) and i’m supporting his last project on Governance topics.

I also support OG Tracker which give visibility and follow-up to any approved refs. This is a needed tool, you don’t want to spend money twice for people that do not deliver anything and/or tried to grift the Treasury.

I would also like to see more projects/requests being funded based on milestones once progress has been evalutated.

My priorities:

  1. Take care of the Treasury
  2. Builders - Better tech, better UX, better use cases, hackathons
  3. BD
  4. Marketing (only valuable proposals)

I would tend to:

  • Support obvious technical necessities (help parachain to open HMRP channels, solve bugs, lease swap, launch expected deliveries…).

  • Not support any request that could harm parachains/teams (like delisting projects for any reason for instance). OpenGov is not the place for vendetta against any project (or people).

  • Invite more projects to use loans whenever they can and use the staking rewards for their funding.

3/ Statement on Giotto

I couldn’t hide the fact that i’m not a big supporter of Giotto. I won’t deny the man pushed OpenGov to its limits and tested the boundaries in the early days, but the recent acts and especially the communication on Twitter is something that shouldn’t happen from voices that have a huge impact in the eco.

You can’t fud night & day, you can’t display personal discussions and TG screenshots like that on X, you can’t attack people knowing you have the numbers with you, you can’t make these useless X biased polls.

Globally speaking, i won’t support any versatile behavior where you are in favor of OpenGov when the results are in your favor and then deny OpenGov when it’s not.
Recent attack on DVs are pretty weird to me for someone who pushed governance so hard when there was no counter power.
Counter power is good, DV are good.

It’s not the proper way (see above Goku’s policy for DV).

So yes, i won’t agree with him on many topics for sure, not saying i won’t NAY everything from him, there are good calls, i’m more against his overall communication.

4/ Meme coins

I state that it’s almost 100% sure i won’t support any meme coin to be funded by the Treasury. That’s not designed for this.

Trading and greed have to be excluded from OpenGov.
They have their place in the eco, but requesting funds is really dubtful unless they bring new common tools to the eco.

5/ Events

For events, it would be nice that the community could decide on budget before, even it can be difficult to have a clear estimation in advance.
Polkadot Decoded has often raised questions to mention only this main event.

Cheers :beers:


All my support for Thomas a real Polkadot defender !
I’m also aligned on his priorities :slight_smile:

  1. Take care of the Treasury
  2. Builders - Better tech, better UX, better use cases, hackathons
  3. BD
  4. Marketing (only valuable proposals)
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Based off of your priorities you appear to be a treasury conservative. I am supporting credible people in the ecosystem that are treasury conservative to some degree. With the Polkadot treasury now under 30 million dot… we need DVs that will stand their ground when it comes to how we allocate our resources (Dot). You have my full support!

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I support Thomas for DV