Decentralized Voices application: Staker Space

Our first forum post, but not our first time here. We are shortly describing why we want to earn more voting power on both Kusama and Polkadot as an ecosystem validator agent on the OpenGov tracks.

We have been an active governance participant from day 1 even before it got incentivised with 1KV program. Our reasoning was always simple does it bring value to the protocol or the underlying chains and users. We have not always participated in commenting why we vote a certain way, this is just because time is limited. Going forward and with an active delegation from W3F, we will publish our reasoning and our votes on a weekly basis. This will be most likely a combo of X and Polkaverse. A link will be posted here.

When NPoS was activated on Polkadot we registered 3 validators respecting in the future other potential validators who would join. We believe the same should be the case with the governance voting distribution, hence we believe we are the right candidate that deserves the governance delegation from the W3F.

We are dedicated gatekeepers trying to keep out bad actors that try to abuse the governance system to damage the protocol and token holders. The enabling side of us supports proposals that make this protocol bloom to it’s final vision and never ending morph to become a society on it’s own. We have broad view and what might be good or bad for this protocol, our first priority is always accelerate web3 adoption from any angle.

We believe diversity is key and as an active voter we get approached by proposers that ask us to vote a certain way, we don’t get bribed, we believe this is bad for the protocol and rots on the inside on the long-term if votes can be bought or peer pressured because your X person. This is one of the key reasons we are here to begin with.

We see the builders and real users that add value to the ecosystem on Polkadot and Kusama or Parachains needing support from the governance systems. We meet them at Sub0, Decoded, or social channels and we want the same thing all of they want to Polkadot.

Hoping all the above is clear, if you have any questions, let us know.