Decentralized Voices: - Georgi

Hello Polkadot community members!

My name is Georgi, and I am thrilled to introduce myself as a candidate for the second round of DV’s program. I want to share why I believe I would be the good choice to represent the community interests in Polkadot’s governance.

Philosophy for OpenGov:

With over three years immersed in the Polkadot ecosystem, I have developed a unique perspective on the needs and opportunities facing our community. My voting philosophy is centered around driving the growth and adoption of Polkadot.

This means prioritizing proposals that foster the development of new business opportunities and innovative marketing strategies. I firmly believe in Polkadot’s potential, and I want to ensure that we make the most of its cutting-edge technology.

Plans for this term:

During my term as a voice delegate, I commit to voting on all proposals that I can thoroughly comprehend and provide a transparent response regarding my vote. However, my primary focus will be on proposals related to proposals that will drive the growth of our network. This includes initiatives related to the development of new business opportunities, effective marketing strategies, and any proposal that promotes the adoption and active use of Polkadot.

Additionally, I will support projects that promote diversity and inclusion within Polkadot, as well as those that foster the expansion of our community, like large events y sponsorships.

Notable Achievements:

  1. Member of the BD Bounty Spain team.
  2. Voluntary curator in two additional bounties.
  3. Initiative, actually in process of forming curators for the Technical Support Bounty.
  4. Organization of several technical workshops and hackathons, this one durring the process of hacking “Polkadot Prodigy” (

My goal is to collaborate with all members of the Polkadot community, regardless of their level of participation or experience. By receiving the vote delegation from W3F, I not only take on personal responsibility but also accept the mandate to represent the aspirations of all of you.

My commitment to transparency, integrity, and fairness will guide each of my voting decisions.

Thank you!!



I am pleased to express my full support for Georgi’s candidacy as a Delegated Voice (DV) representative. Georgi’s qualifications, dedication, and commitment make them a highly suitable candidate for this role.


Thanks for your support :pray:

I am sure Georgi can be a good coice as a DV delegate. He is very active in OpenGov and in various bounties. I support his application to DV program, he understand how business development works so he might be a good contributor not just for BD & marketing proposals.

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Thank you very much for your support. I am very happy to receive this feedback from you, considering the differences in discussions on some proposals. :handshake:

All my support to Georgi! His commitment to the ecosystem is undeniable! Good luck!

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