Decentralized Voices Program - Jimmy Tudeski

Application for the Decentralized Voices Program

Dear Web3 Foundation Team and Polkadot Community

I’m writing to express my keen interest in the Decentralized Voices Program, an initiative I deeply resonate with, given its alignment with the core values of Polkadot and Kusama I have advocated for over the past five years. As a Polkadot Senior Ambassador, a proactive member of the 1KV program, a HydraDX Council member, and a passionate educator, I am excited about the prospect of leveraging this opportunity to further contribute to our ecosystem’s growth and decentralization.

Applicant: - Jimmy Tudeski -
Polkadot Managed Addresses used in OpenGov:

Jimmy Tudeski Private - 1jPw3Qo72Ahn7Ynfg8kmYNLEPvHWHhPfPNgpJfp5bkLZdrF
Stakenode Validator - 14MKRNHaJY2yC84SkW7oXhnzVdV3obogoH5s8H4AkzxaFmAS

Declaration of Political Philosophy and Agenda:

Rooted in a belief in innovation, inclusivity, and decentralized governance, my philosophy is to advocate for proposals and initiatives that embody these principles.

My agenda focuses on enhancing technical development, network security, community involvement, and education within the Polkadot and Kusama ecosystems. With a track record of actively engaging in governance discussions, I am dedicated to making informed decisions that align with our community’s efficiency, decentralization, sustainability, and resilience.

Why I am a Good Choice for the Decentralized Voices Program:

Over the last five years, my journey with Polkadot has been marked by a steadfast commitment to the ecosystem’s technical advancements and governance.

My role as a Senior Ambassador has allowed me to contribute significantly to community education, fostering a culture of open discussion and knowledge sharing. My engagement in platforms like Polkassembly illustrates my dedication to transparent governance and the articulation of well-reasoned voting rationales.

In addition to my governance contributions, I have made substantial community-building and education efforts. I’ve shared educative content across platforms like X, Medium (Polkadot Philosophy), and LinkedIn, aiming to demystify blockchain technology and Polkadot’s governance model. My active social media presence has been instrumental in promoting Polkadot, engaging with the community, and highlighting ecosystem developments.

Furthermore, I have played a crucial role in nurturing a vibrant, educated local Polkadot community in Poland. By managing a dedicated Discord server, I’ve facilitated a supportive space for knowledge exchange and collaboration, significantly contributing to onboarding new users and enhancing ecosystem understanding.

Commitment to Equitable Governance:

In my dedication to the principles that underpin the Polkadot ecosystem, I want to explicitly highlight my unwavering commitment to equitable governance and the integrity of my voting decisions. A cornerstone of my application for the Decentralized Voices Program is the assurance that I possess the resolve and independence required to stand up to any entity, irrespective of their influence or stake size, including so-called “whales.”

I understand the concerns within our community regarding the disproportionate influence that large stakeholders might wield in governance decisions. My vision for a truly decentralized ecosystem goes beyond mere participation; it encompasses an environment where decisions are made for the collective benefit of the network, free from undue influence. I pledge to critically evaluate every proposal on its merits, guided solely by its alignment with the core values that Polkadot embodies.

Being chosen for the Decentralized Voices Program will amplify my ability to contribute to governance and empower me to act as a conduit for the voices within our community that might otherwise go unheard. My stance is clear: I will not shy away from voting against proposals supported by large stakeholders if they do not serve the ecosystem’s best interest or align with our shared values. This commitment extends to advocating for proposals prioritizing long-term ecosystem health, innovation, and inclusivity, even when challenging the status quo. My goal is to contribute to a governance landscape that reflects the diversity and dynamism of our community. This includes fostering a dialogue that encourages transparency, accountability, and active participation from all ecosystem members. By standing firm in my convictions and evaluating proposals based on their long-term impact on the ecosystem, I aim to ensure that governance remains a balanced process that respects the voices of all stakeholders, regardless of their holding size.


My application is underpinned by a deep alignment with Polkadot’s core values, a commitment to informed and thoughtful governance, and a proven track record in education and community engagement. I am enthusiastic about the opportunity to utilize the Decentralized Voices Program to amplify our community’s voice and further contribute to the ecosystem’s development and success.

Thank you for considering my application. I am eager to continue my contributions to our shared vision for a decentralized, inclusive, and thriving Polkadot ecosystem.

Warm regards, Jimmy